Boundless Challenge #1

a new challenge 🙂

The Boundless Agenda

My very own blogging event is here, lovelies! The purpose of this challenge is to spreadmindfulness and strength across the WordPress community. I believe that by us getting together to share our triumphs and achievements, we can inspire others to do the same.

This idea is partially inspired byA Momma’s Viewwho recently posted about filling an empty jar with notes of something good that happened each week. Once the year is over, you take out your slips of paper and read about what an awesome year you had.

Incidentally, I had an empty jar lying around, so I figured I’d use it in this way, but with a slightly different prompt.


  • This will be aweekly blogging challengethat takes place onFridays.Share a #boundlessmoment from the past week. In other words, a timewhen you surpassed your expectations.
    • Do title your post withthe words

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