From the Quarry

quarry tales 🙂

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quarryCracking away at hard-rock or sifting layers of metamorphosed sandstone, these are tasks of a quarry. Slab by slab, useful material emerges from a hillside or plateaus. Such is the efforts of writing.

Writers quarried for stories this week. What would be found in the quarry or the process? Read to find out.

The following stories are based on the January 19, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a about a quarry.


Love Carved in Stone by Kerry E.B. Black

Heinrich chose marble with an artistic eye. He shook the quarryman’s hand as he paid.

“Be needin’ more next week, I reckon.”

The quarryman avoided eye contact. “I’ll set ‘em aside for you.”

He chiseled the message with a practiced hand. A daisy drooped atop, sprinkling petals below the words, ‘Helen. Beloved wife.’

Helen’s husband wiped tears as he approved the final piece. “You do…

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