Say Thank You on the Fives

say thanks on fives 🙂

Annette Rochelle Aben

Let’s have some fun  in the month of February!  It may be the shortest month of the year but we can make the most of the time. I am initiating an activity called Say Thank You on the Fives. This activity is designed to uplift your energy and indirectly, it lifts the energy of the entire world. Of course, you may wonder how this can happen. So, let me explain the activity.


Anytime you see the time on a clock and that number ends in 5, smile and say “Thank You”. You can say it silently or out loud, it doesn’t matter. It can be anytime and any time. For instance, it could be 12:05, 4:35, 2:25 or even 6:45; as long as the last number is a 5.

I have been doing this for a while and let me tell you what, I feel terrific and…

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