Tell Me a Tale in 120 words: February

120 words challenge 🙂


I’m finding lots of prompt ideas lately, and as many are limited words or characters, they are quite a challenge to a type gusher like me!

Welcome to February 2
Today’s prompt is:  Your worst dream/nightmare/daydream

In unfamiliar surroundings, its presence lures me down into the dark well.
The stone steps disappear into shadow, my footfalls silent as I descend.
Light quickly fades, the air is stifling, fetid, poisoned and thick.
Sweat pours from my body saturating my clothes in fear.
My hair sticks to my scalp and the back of my neck.
But I cannot resist, and continue down into the Belly of Hell.
A voice calls from the depths.
I feel hands reaching out from the walls.
Holding me, trapping me, keeping me from running.
I feel the terror choking me and let forth a pleading wail for mercy.
It is my screams that awaken me.


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2 thoughts on “Tell Me a Tale in 120 words: February

  1. May I?

    February is known as ‘the month of Carnival’ in Brazil. The most played musical genres are Samba, Axé Music and Frevo. Curiously, it is said that the new year only begins after February, when the revelry and the parties have passed. Many tourists scatter all over the place looking for fun.
    In this year, unfortunately, the joy will be restricted to some cities of the country due the economic crisis installed here. Many service entrepreneurs receive much money at this time due the flow of foreign tourists.
    Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife are the most famous places to enjoy the Brazilian Carnival. It is necessary to emphasize the care that all must have there, in public ways, against criminals.

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