10 All-Natural Ways to Improve Your Blood Pressure

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Musings of PuppyDoc

By Phoebe Chi, MD

Perhaps you’ve been told you have “high blood pressure.” Or maybe you checked it yourself one day and noticed that it was 146/90. What now?

Today I will discuss some ways in which you can improve your own blood pressure without taking medications. But before I do, let’s first answer an important question: What is hypertension and what’s the big deal?

The Essentials

Systolic pressure (top number) = Pressure in your arteries when your heart squeezes to push blood through your body.

Diastolic pressure (bottom number) = Pressure in the arteries when your heart relaxes and fills with blood.

 Normal Adult Blood Pressure
120/80 and below

“Hypertension” (needs treatment)
140/90 and above

 “Prehypertension” (should not be ignored)
Somewhere in between


Hypertension = The Silent Killer

While some people experience symptoms (often headache and fatigue) when their blood pressure is elevated, the majority of those with…

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