TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

haiku challenge 🙂

Life is too short to drink bad wine

Charming Rennes The main square of the insanely picturesque Rennes

The ancient lattice

Enclose for five hundred years

Life’s tiny moments

Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. My apologies for not popping up last weekend as I was staying with my Brother in Melbourne whose quaint Aussie bungalow seemed not to like internet.

The challenge words for this week are “Moment” and “Ancient

You can use either the words or the picture to construct your own haiku and add a link in the comments section at the end of the post (press the black speech bubble to access)

This is a picture I took in Rennes several years ago. This is a most delightful section of the Capital of Brittany. The whole area is full of these amazing, colourful buildings and the endlessly “wonky” shapes are so delightfully human that I was in rapture with each new twist…

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