Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 54

round-up 🙂

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to the 54th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

I went in a completely different direction with the RGB theme, and, given your record thus far, I wasn’t surprised to see a great set of posts with these cool colors!  Not only were your images colorful, but they were also highly creative!  As a result, I had a lot of fun looking at all of your posts (there were many!), for which I thank you!

This week also included some unusual images that were the result of really clever planning and understanding the ins and outs of long exposure photography.  I encourage you to check out all of this week’s entries!

There was a particular image that I captured in the Netherlands that I had in mind when this week’s theme crossed my mind…

20150611-Volendam_57A1417_8_9_tonemappedVolendam Fishers

Serendipity is my friend on many occasions, such as this one, when…

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