Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 63

Frank’s round up 🙂

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to the 63rd round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! All of you put your best foot forward for this week’s theme of Steps!

Getting swamped by work and not being caught up, gets this post to you a day late!  The benefit to me is that I got to take most of your posts in as a tidal wave of wonder!  You have simply outdone yourselves and rather than heaping on superlatives, I challenge each and every one to experience all of each others’ posts and comment on that trip!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your great contributions!!

Another look at steps from a different vantage point…

20170520-Ostia-Antica_10.13.03-HDRInto the tower…

This staircase is in the papal castle of Julius II, which is located in Ostia Antica.  What makes these stairs rather special is that each step is a stone slab that is anchored…

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