Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 64

history round-up 🙂

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to the 64th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! History has definitely been a fertile ground for your creativity, as your entries have been numerous and of high quality!

The greatest number of entries focused on your personal connection with history, as it has been experienced across the planet with an appreciative nod to Sarah for bring the planet itself into the picture.  There were also wonderful posts that connect us to personal histories, each unique and, yet, shared between all of us.  Of course, there’s also the Oxtail pastry, which now is history!

Thank you for being creative and sharing freely!

Here’s a bit more background on my history in images from the Netherlands…

As I was born in Rotterdam and grew up either in or just outside the city, it features prominently, with nods to great Dutch poffertjes, as well as sailing and fishing.

The following…

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