Photo prompt round-up – Mask #writephoto

mask round-up 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The photo for this week’s prompt is of the enigmatic Mister Fox…and for those who thought they had seen the image…or something similar before, it features on the cover of Mister Fox and the Demon Dogs, the second of the graphic novels written with Stuart France in honour of the Langsett Foxes who dance beneath the moon.

Bone-white winter gleams in the moonlight. Silent shadows hunt in the night….

The Hunter’s Moon sails above dark hills, caught in the empty fingers of the treetops. A mysterious company gathers to kindle the flames of the dance; arcane patterns of fire woven in the blackness to the beat of the drums.

Silent as ghosts in the darkness, others follow their trail, lurking in the night to watch… and wait… seeking their chance to usurp the forest throne…

Old Fox wanes with the fading year, his fur touched by the silver of…

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