September writers of the #TMAT

seasons round-up 🙂

Two on a Rant

Tell me a Tale in 120 Words

1 for winter

1 for spring

1 for summer

4 for Autumn

Opinions from around the world


The September 7th  prompt was:  Your favorite season of the year and why.  

Spring, summer, winter, fall,

someone out there loves them all.

Here are links to the 7 brave souls who stepped up and answered the challenge:


Spring is always my favourite season. It is the end of winter with cool nights and warm and sunny days.

Spring is when you pay attention to your garden and plant the summer crops, and for me this year it will be tomatoes.

Many trees awaken from their winter hiatus and blossom, always a pretty sight, and we see new growth appearing on most plants. My black rose is one that benefits from spring, and I always enjoy seeing the first of its buds…

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