TJ’s Household Challenge

TJ’s challenge 🙂

Life is too short to drink bad wine

Ah! Lovely springtime

Simply all of my vases

Bursting with flowers

Prompt Words: Flower and Simply

Hi Ho Haikuers!

Welcome back to the fortnightly Haiku Challenge!

Thanks to all of those who read and contributed to the last post “Earth and Whirlwind

About the object: This is an English soft paste porcelain potpourri vase from the Coalport factory, made around 1820-30. The flowers were apparently made in Germany and could be ordered by English manufacturers to decorate their own wares. As a collaboration it is wonderful to imagine little boxes of delicate flowers travelling around Europe just to create such “fripperies”. Each petal is hand painted and the entire piece is hand thrown. It may be “over the top” but I love the amount of work gone into making it and the amount of history embedded in it. How it ended up in a dusty corner in an…

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