Photo prompt round-up – Eye – #writephoto

Eye round-up 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Above and below
Reflected realities
Borders undefined
How can I know where I stand
Or on which side of vision


Do I stand in earth
Looking out from hollow hills
Or am I a dream
A projection of the soul
Beyond an amorphous Veil


What does it matter
I am where presence requires
Facing destiny
Riding the current of life
Subjective reality


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken in Derbyshire at the Derwent Valley Reservoirs, where a village was drowned and where the famous ‘Dambusters’ Squadron trained. The valley holds many hidden treasures still, both natural and man-made. The reflections beneath the bridge here were just perfect on this visit, and there was no way of telling where they began or ended.

As always, I would like to thank  everyone for their contibutions. I love seeing how many different stories and poems can…

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