Photo prompt round-up – Haven- #writephoto

Haven round-up 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo



In warmth and welcome
Weary travellers seek rest
Sheltered from the storm
Ancient walls of mellow stone
Offering security


Sunset lights the sky
A final blaze precedes night
Promising the dawn
Nature’s assurance of hope
Darkness engulfs the shadows


Night’s pathway is dark
The lost and weary falter
Seeking salvation
A point of light to guide them
Hope their comfort and haven


The photo for this week’s prompt was again taken at Ilkley in the very same car-park  as the photo for last week’s challenge. This time, however, it was a January trip, when the moors were cold, wet and bare, the bracken and heather no longer form a dense barrier and the moors reveal their secrets…if you can actually find them… Although we failed to find what we were looking for on the moors, we did manage a side trip to

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