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portal round-up 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo



Pathway arrow-straight
Connecting the here and there
No deviation


Moment to moment
Worn by a thousand footsteps


A choiceless journey
Mitigated by freedom
To walk in gladness


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken during a recent visit to Haddon Hall in Derbyshire… which I have still to write about. It is the passage that leads from the Great Hall to the Elizabethan kitchens. The stone flags of the floor are warn concave by the passage of centuries…and it has the strangest feel, even when the place is full of visitors, as if the shades of some long forgotten past still walk there…

As always, I would like to thank  everyone for their contibutions. I love seeing how many different stories and poems can be born from one image. I have shared as many contributions as I could during the week, but all…

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