Help Kristine Fight Cancer

she’s my friend’s daughter 🙂


Kristine Marielle Felizardo
9 April at 20:58 ·

Last week, I received news no cancer survivor would ever want to hear. My cancer has relapsed. I have Lymphoma again. I knew having a relapse would haunt me for the rest of my life, but I didn’t imagine it would be this fast. Just a year and 3 months of being in complete remission, I was starting to rebuild my life, my career, my hair – just trying to be normal again. Even my doctor told me I was recovering so quickly that I didn’t look like I had cancer.

A month ago, I started having chest pains which prompted my doctor to order a PET scan for me. As usual, I was having scanxiety but I was thinking it’s not something serious. I may never understand why this had to happen to me again but I still feel lucky because…

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