Photo prompt round-up – Track #writephoto

track round-up 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Losing track of time
A moment’s inspiration
Lasting a lifetime
Dappled with tears and laughter
A path walked in friendship sings

The photo for this week’s prompt was taken on our way to Waylands Smithy recently, when we took Gary Vasey to visit the stones on his recent visit. Being an exceedingly hot day, we were glad of the shade offered by this little wood, that runs alongside the ancient Ridgeway for a while.

It was quite something to walk that five-thousand year old path in company of the two men with whom I have written books. It was Gary who first encouraged me to finish the novel I had started years before, Sword of Destiny, and who had invited me to work with him on The Mystical Hexagram and get it published. And it was here that my adventures with Stuart France had really begun, on this…

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