A Date I’d Love To Go On – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 138

Wordle 138 – pursuit, prison, wild, lens, cruel, Venus, cloak, become, beloved, cash, goods, skirt


The pursuit of a perfect date
I’m wearing my elegant cloak
Desperately trying to lose weight
Duck coke, won’t have my heart broke

Perhaps wear a mini skirt or black dress
To become a bit like Venus de Milo
What else can I do to impress?
Hoping he’s the right beau

Perhaps with wild abandon
A prison of fascination or crush
We’ll have our first kiss in the garden
Hush, we don’t want to be in a rush

Going through the lens of my camera
Forget the cruel reality and go with it
Smell the flowers especially dahlia
We want to knit together and not split

To my beloved with all his goods
Cash or credit card, I don’t mind
Want to party with neighbourhoods
Our hearts together intertwined


Things I Want To Say To An Ex – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 119

Wordle 119 – rain, scarce, strength, crows, vegetation, revisited, one, cells, wove, eroded, rooted, last

Note: this is purely hypothetical, as I don’t have an ex…


you’ve eroded your own vegetation
with scarce strength and rain
not nurturing what should have been
the crows kept revisiting the place
weaving some false hope and gloom
rooted on despair, doubt and anguish
last time you promised something
you didn’t keep the promise
cells kepts on moving about
don’t know where to go
I thought you were the one
But it wasn’t meant to be


On Drugs and Alcohol – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 182

Wordle 182 – machine, lust, liquor, tease, flesh, trains, gimmick, chicken, torture, lotion, hypnotizing, brains, uniform


I know they are like a tease
Tempting you with all their gimmicks
Hypnotizing your brain so you will try
Knowing that you’ll follow them in uniform
Giving in to your flesh and lust
Trying some drugs and liquors
But please don’t be a chicken
You can train your brain to resist
You can be strong enough to do so
Say no to drugs and liquors
Probably a glass of wine is OK


My Current Relationship – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 155

Wordle 155 – strap, swing, power, tough, diamond, detail, zip, unit, suspend, waterfall, barrier, pleat


Oh to be in love, I can tell you in detail
Hearing the melodious song of a nightingale
It’s like being suspended in a swing as high
Feeling able to fly like a dragonfly or butterfly
Seeing the waterfall for the first time in awe
I want to go up and down the same as a seesaw
Water glimmering like diamonds and so great
I want to convey to the world and celebrate
No barrier, no strap, no holding back, just full of zip
Everything’s rosy, always like a whirlwind courtship
Feeling tough even to wear some pleated trousers
I know he’s always there serving as my anchor
Such is the power of being in love
When we become one unit and above


Why I Like You – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 183

Wordle 183 – crazy, shine, martyr, childhood, prisoner, secret, steel, stranger, seer, laughter, diamond, shadow


A man of steel, shining like a diamond
My personal seer, it just so happened
Crazy enough to defend me, my knight
Calms me down when I’m having a fright
But he’s not afraid to be in the shadow
He always knows what he wants though
Keeps all my secrets, even from childhood
I’m sure one day he’ll have his knighthood
Mind you, he’s not a prisoner nor a martyr
He’s just always been my anchor
We take things in stride and laugh together
We are each other’s booster
Who is he, this stranger – well, it’s Him Indoors!


What I’m Worrying About – 30 Day Blog Challenge

What am I currently worrying about? Well, I worry about my mother. She’s in the Philippines and we are here. Other children are in Canada and the UK. Although she’ll be flying to the UK at the end of the month, most of the time, she’s far away from us. Actually, she’s fine. I ring her almost every day. I’m sure my other siblings do the same, or I hope they do. mommy

I worry about HRH the son… I know he’s very busy finishing his Masters, then also planning about their wedding… I worry about his future, will he get a job? where will they live? will they be happy? and so on… I know he and K will be just fine 🙂 20140322_145455

I worry about other things, about Him Indoors’s worries, like who’s going to win the games? what are we going to eat tomorrow? who’s going to shop and cook? will I go swimming or cycling? will I meet N or C for coffee? ridiculous-soccer-dive

Cheers everyone. Have a lovely day!

My Last Kiss – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Prompt 13 – Weekend Wordle #2

Words in our Wordle:
Paradise, Short, Pyre, Kite, Door, Sea, Name, Humble, Alive, Hundreds


My last kiss, I was in paradise
His scents comparable to an all-spice
Short and sweet, like I was in a pyre
Similar to a cat, I thought I even purred
Kept me high, alike a kite in the sky
He was my own personal samurai
Kept me alive, he kept saying my name
I held onto his arms and I was still aflame
Hundreds of fish in the sea, he chose me
I was feeling lightheaded and so bouncy
Promise, I won’t kick him out my door
Because I want to kiss some more
Feeling ever so humble
But can’t help but babble


Five Things That Irritate Me About the Opposite Sex – 30 Day Blog Challenge

 They could be show-offs, like with this Lamborghini, or their yacht, or their new designer shirts, etc.

20150528_122314 Sometimes they’re like statues, no response whatsoever if I ask them some questions. Perhaps they’re busy thinking about football or formula 1 that they are missing while being with me.

duel1 Once their pride has been hurt, they’ll ask for a duel with another man. They’ve got to be the alpha male.

IMGP1282 Some of them drink a lot, and I don’t like that, especially when they are starting to be emotional or worst, incoherent, hik!

sky1 They want to be the best, the tallest, the highest, the greatest, everything has to be a competition.

Cheating on People – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 189

Wordle 189 – harvest, splendour, secular, able, rattle, breeze, skin, bent gaze, gathering, scattered, plain

2015 006

My secular attitude to cheating – please don’t
You can’t flaunt it, and forever you’ll be haunt
It just rattles your brain and you won’t be able to sleep
Bending rules is quite cheap and you’ll end up with weep
Will keep you gazing at the ceiling with scattered thoughts
And end up with head full of eccentric ideas of crackpots
It’s plain to see, it’s not worth all the glory and splendour
It’s not even honourable or dignified, being a cross bearer
You harvest what you sow so just enjoy the cool breeze
You won’t displease anyone and your mind will be at ease
Good for your skin thus gather your strength to be good
Perhaps one day they’ll give you your knighthood
What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander
You asked me about cheating and that’s my answer


What I Wear To Bed – 30 Day Blog Challenge

What do I wear to bed? my birthday suit? but when it’s cold, I wear my pyjamas or Him Indoors’ old t-shirts, they’re nice and long for me – perfect!

To sleep, perchance to dream
Horses gallop across moonbeam
To dream, ah, that is so divine
Sailing across the river Rhine
Where all her thoughts meshed
And waking up feeling refreshed
Playing on each other in different fields
It’s as rough as a public park, the outfield
Wrestling with ideas, concepts, activities
Bees’ knees, cheese please, flees freeze
She dreams that she was a butterfly, flickering
Blooming, blushing, breezing, breaming
Flapping wings smartly, enjoying its nectar
Taking its time, fluttering with pleasure
A girl in a dream one morning in paradise
She can soar up high as the sun will rise
And she floats and brings out a slow yawn
Though she fears never shall she see dawn?