Lord We Thank You by Raymond A. Foss

Lord, We thank you for this day,
for the joy of the morning,
the love of this family, waking from slumber
in this house, this home you have provided,
going out into the world, to college, to school,
to work, into the world, not of this world,
for you have touched our hearts and our lives,
have cleaned some of the grime of this life,
some of our scar tissue, to give us peace.
Grant us peace this day Lord, watch over us
be with us on the path you have laid before us
this day we pray our creator and sustainer
help us focus on what we must do today,
help us be satisfied, gratified, with what we do
in your name today Lord.
Give us strength for today and rest tonight Lord
so we may do your will and your work
today and the rest of our lives as individuals
as a family in your name

September 13, 2007 10:52

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For: Nurturing Thurs – Thank You!, Creativity Challenge Day 4



In a land of sadness, broken dreams are made
Which strip away any vital connection
And life was gravely portrayed
His name no longer mentioned

Of empty sheets and promises
No sense in carrying on
When everything is aimless
I’ve been conned and he’s gone

When poems are so melancholic
His name no longer part of my speech
Life could be mysterious and cryptic
Acceptance could be beseeched

While firmly grasping the goblet by the stem
I used to be happy and carefree
He could no longer be condemned
I just have to accept that I’m free


Shake the ache I feel
Lengthen the strength of my soul
Pain still stains spirit
Not fault to put salt on wound
Not too much to touch your heart

Now I have my strength
Things are springing brightly
Not blame anyone
Things happened for a reason
Acceptance is a great balm


rain, rain go away
why can’t the day be sunny
when we want to walk

guess nature is right
acceptance is essential
good for soil and plants


Luningning always felt that there was something missing from her life. She couldn’t get satisfied or complete, no matter how much she achieved or did. She asked her mother. She knew she was adopted when she was a baby and she loved her new family. They treated her as one of their own and have given her love and acceptance. She asked for the name of her biological mother and the name of the hospital where she was born. To her surprise, there were two baby girls born from the same woman. She has a twin sister, who was also adopted when the mother died at giving birth to them. She knew then that her twin sister was the missing part of her life. She asked the hospital for some information, on how she could look for the people who adopted her twin sister. After thoroughly searching and asking around, she managed to find the name of the woman who adopted her twin sister.

She wrote a letter to Mrs. Josepha Delos Santos and told her about her story and how she’s just found out that she has a twin sister and would like to meet her. Josepha wrote back telling her about Tala, her adopted daughter. She didn’t know that Tala has a twin; had she known that, she’d have adopted the two of them because she didn’t want them to be separated. She’d like to meet Luningning and she’d tell Tala about her and their story. So when Luningning went to their house, Tala opened the door and they both saw a mirror image of themselves. They knew then that their lives would be complete now, seeing and meeting their long lost twin sister.

so peaceful
human utopia
life on earth
harmonious living for all

it’s not late to dream
thank you, Lord
second chance
acceptance, equality
love and peace abound

love and peace
simple things we need
be grateful
and rejoice
we make our own utopia
taking part in it

taking part
don’t let it be harmed
our whole world
send our gratifying love

For: Creativity Challenge Day 3

Creative Expressions #14 – Caribbean Island


An island in the Caribbean, what a sight
Dazzling like a metaphorical tiger night

In safe haven out of reach from the crowd
This paradise it was fate God has endowed

I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining
Such marvelous feeling but I sadly remember nothing

A bark of tree over the waters move gloriously on
To be repentant is an uneven expanse to sleep on

Each wave that we danced on at morning fades from us
And departs at eve, on the bleak shore without a fuss

I stare at the fading light outside, the rain beginning
The tide drums along the empty beach and I am yawning

The sights of the gulls, the dunes, the grasses and the breeze
The feeling of beach sand so unlike from dirt and I don’t freeze


Bonfire Night – Creative Expressions #13

Bonfire - penntonic.wordpress.com
Bonfire – penntonic.wordpress.com

“Remember, remember,
the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
We see no reason why
Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!”

– words to Guy Fawkes rhyme

Penny for the Guy, the children chant
They solicit combustible materials
Money, food and drinks with songs
Getting ready for the bonfire night

A secret plot to overthrow the king
When plot was made with their rant
They got caught in their plight
Now celebrating the plot’s failure

Remember, remember the fifth of November
When I was in Britain, it was always a sight
Big bonfires all over town, and we can burn
All furniture we don’t need, plus fireworks display

Bonfire night fire
Bonfire night fire


Creative Expressions #12: Abandoned


This house used to be full of life
Boy, this really is very tough
Children shouting, running, playing
River flowing, as they’re growing
Debating on who’s going to use the car
That I’ve got up to here in my ear
Lots of memories that house witnessed
Competing on who’s the artist or the blondest
Then one by one leaving or emptying the nest
My mind reigns supreme, above the rest
Starting to build their very own homes
Now I’m afraid of looming days to come
When our house is fully abandoned
No one there, house being shunned



Creative Expressions #11: Point of view



I just can’t understand Alastair. I came home, quite excited from one of my coffee afternoons with my friend Claudia. We talked about anyone and everyone and can’t wait to tell Alastair who left whom and who said what and so on. You know, these things are quite interesting stuff to spread around. Anyway, there I was, saying all the juicy gossips. But he wasn’t interested at all. He wasn’t even listening to a word I said. I might as well talk to the clock hanging on the wall, at least there’s a tick-tock-tick-tock there. There was no response from him at all.


Today was a special day – the Cricket World Cup. It’s New Zealand against Australia. New Zealand survived a late collapse to beat Australia by one wicket in a thrilling World Cup pool game. Quite exciting! Sampaguita arrived from one of her coffee afternoons with Claudia. And she started talking, non-stop. Hello? It’s cricket! Doesn’t she know that I need my free time? That I’m watching this very important game? Can she not leave me alone for once?



The Holy Mass – Creative Expressions #8


It was a Sunday and we decided to hear mass. We waited for the priest, sang some psalms and prayed. The priest raised the crystal bowl with the altar bread and said: “Take this and eat it. This is my body.” This was symbolizing the body of Christ. We all bowed our heads. Just as he was raising the golden chalice for the blood of Christ, an earthquake started. We all rushed out of the church, panicking. We were all out when the roof collapsed. Luckily, no one was hurt. The whole church was destroyed, as the dust settled around the crystal bowl and the golden chalice. (107 words)


Love and Hate: Creative Expressions #6

Love and hate are opposites
Thin line between them
All consuming passion
Hate the one you love
Or love the one you hate

So near yet so far apart
It’s always complicated
“I love you” yet “I hate you”
“You’re my everything” yet
“I don’t care about you”

“Can’t live without you” yet
“Go away, leave me alone”
Exciting and intoxicating
Lots of tears or laughter

Jealousy is mostly the cause
Of arguments, yet can’t live
Without each other, that’s how
It is with you and you alone
Up and down, heaven or hell
Our love-hate relationship