Come Fly with Me–dVerse Poetics- Feathers

Kew 9

The peacock’s
On the other side
Feasibly she’s waiting there
He wants to show his feathers
Radiant coloured spots


like a long-lived bird
phoenic creates excitement
rebirth of the sun

like a phoenix
arising from the ashes
symbols renewal

high virtue and grace
phoenix with crest of feathers
colourful and vibrant


Philippine eagle
brown and white with shaggy crest
fast and agile bird

fast and agile bird
gives loud and high pitched whistles
our national bird

our national bird
critically endangered

we should protect and conserve
before it’s too late


I long to fly in the sky
To soar up the cliffs with the others
To say goodbye as I fly high
The wind brushing my feathers
Free me from the bondage of poverty
Rift the cage so I can get out to freedom
I beg of you, please set me free
To eat some crumbs and then some
Cart me out to a world where I’m welcome
Free me from hunger as seen from my papery wings
Somehow I can prove that I’m awesome
I want to experience the world and what it brings
I’m all flesh and bones, so please give me some bread
I’m baffled – why can’t I be just like any ordinary bird?
I’d like my wings to be able to spread
I can tweet but not bark or purred
The absence of responsibilities, worries and hardship
To be able to sustain a world full of innocence and fun
I miss the nature, the water to sip
I think I’ve won if I could feel the sun
Give me love and I can understand that in any language
I long to fly in the sky and soar up the cliffs
Don’t give me anything, I’m sure I can manage
Just set me free and I’m off in a jiff

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Come Fly with Me–dVerse Poetics by Victoria C. Slotto

Poetics: Wishful Thinking


when you wish for something, then
follow your footsteps
or your instinct, to be sure
reflect on concepts

or follow someone who’s great
for inspiration
be full of enthusiasm
and of course, have fun


stars in the sky
gather them and make a wish
the stars smile

Now you see me, now you don’t
Will you miss me if I’m absent?
Camouflaged perfectly well
Putting the matter in a nutshell

A normal being going through life
Will I see you in our afterlife?
The crickets chirped tediously
A caterpillar wanted to be free

A wasp embedded in an amber
A chameleon changing its colour
I’m falling on the edge of the abyss
I’m muddled but couldn’t give it a miss

My flesh is weak and I’m drifting away
I acted like a fool and I was led astray
It was a tame affair but still hidden
What was done couldn’t be undone

A secret so to speak in the mist of tides
I wish I could just take them in strides
From a poppy seed to certain flings
Nothing to whirl and have that strut

On both mind and body it takes its toll
Love soars from earth to infinity
For love of love, or heart’s solitude
Who cry for shadow and cannot tell

Begrudge I come with a plea
Never a sunny day for a feud
Tried to stifle the thoughts
Life is full of different plots


I wish I were
A doctor when I was ten
With stethoscope and
Always wearing something white
Very smart and cool
But things have changed as I grew
I’ve travelled instead
To Europe and America
I met Him Indoors
Chemistry all the way
Action and reaction
We got married instead
Now I teach English
And I love the change

For: Poetics: Wishful Thinking by Mish

Meeting The Bar – The Reason For Rhyme

Juicy apples grow
Amply hanging on our tree
The sun is brightly shining
Uh! a great day ahead
Fun autumn weather
Run, cycle, swim

Withering flowers, garden-gate amblers
Nature is weary, I have to agree
Fountain shimmering, clouds billowing
Wind brushes the leaves, as grandma weaves

Sky flushes with gold
Am I really this cold?
Feeling the chills in my bones
Like eating ice-cream cones
Didn’t want this to end
I’m with you, my friend

Sing with song of fruits and flowers
Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this
Holding our hands on our knees
On pebble strands by the shore
Stars and moon twirling
Like dancers pirouetting
Such a night of joy
As we watch the buoy

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Meeting The Bar – The Reason For Rhyme by Walter J. Wojtanik

Dear Joe, From Josephine

The challenge for this week’s Poetics is to take a character, fictional or non-fictional, and re-write their story from the point of view of their husband or wife. To avoid any accusations of libel, no living people please!

Dear Joe, I’ve always loved you
With all my heart since we’ve met
When I came with my father for his eyes
It may be too late to cure him
But we found each other
A whirlwind romance indeed
Even though your family didn’t like me
We carried on loving each other
Even though it was such a short time
And that our boy “Francisco” died
Three hours after he was born
I knew you blamed yourself for that
Please don’t, life was unfair sometimes
Thanks for marrying me
Even though my heart was breaking
It was few hours before your execution
I died with you, too
Forever yours, Josephine

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

  • love story between our national hero, Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken

For: Poetical Spouses by Grace in Poetics

Haibun Monday: The Sky IS the Limit


The day after the son’s wedding, we visited London. The sky was hazy and sombre grey and the clouds soothed it with charcoal whirls. The London Eye provided a sturdy background in slow motion. The movement of the clouds was barely distinctive and the birds wheeled in slow lazy arcs. Above the busy city, the honking of cars and the strolling people, the sober grey sky cloaked the world. Such a malevolent sky with clouds an impermeable carpet of translucent greyish blue, cold, vast.

Cold and grey today
Just the right time to visit
Glad it didn’t rain

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Haibun Monday by hayesspencer


Tuesday Poetics: Summer Starter


Under the palm tree
Swaying leaves by the sea
The moon greets us with a smile
We can walk in the isle
Birds and owls humming
I’m your queen, you’re my king
Midnight sun or polar night?
With you everything’s bright
Summer solstice is here
Let’s greet it with a cheer

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Inspired by “Under the Harvest Moon” by Carl Sandburg

For: Tuesday Poetics: Summer Starter by Walter J. Wojtanik

shuuchuugouu (しゅうちゅうごうう)


Rain has always been a part of us Filipinos. We only have two seasons – wet (June to November) and dry (December to May) seasons, depending on the amount of rainfall. This is also dependent on location, as some areas experience rain all throughout the year. I remembered our typhoon season, when it rained for days on end. From July to October, we have “bagyo” or tropical cyclones in the islands. We usually stay indoors, keep ourselves dry and listen to the sounds of the wind and the pouring rain. Some places would be flooded. Some days, classes and offices are suspended.

Listen to the rain
Playing bowling in heaven
When typhoon strikes

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Haibun Monday: 50 Shades of Rain by hayesspencer

Tasty Thursdays – What We Had Recently

Food, all the glorious food
Always keeps us in good mood

All the planning, shopping, cooking
All the ways – to steam, fry, baking

Roast duck, beef and chicken, all tasty
Don’t eat snack now, it ruins your tea

And as for desserts, leche flan or cake
Chocolate mousse, apple pie or cheesecake

Food, glorious food, happy as we could all be
Everyone is welcome to our eating spree

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Tasty Thursdays: Poke + Tropical Cake and Meter-Made Mood–dVerse Meeting the Bar and Thankful Thursday: Family