This is the End


She thought she’d be happier when arriving. But when the plane touched down suddenly everything caught up with her again and all she wanted in that instance was being far away again.

“This is the end. Hold your head and count to ten …” The song kept repeating in her head…feel the earth move and then I’m gone… Gone from his life, gone from his dreams, gone from his memories. There were good times and bad times, mostly bad times, but they carried on, tried to make it work. They promised to be there for each other, amidst the hindrance, amidst the frustration, amidst the setbacks. But then how long can they keep it that way? How long can they handle the pain? How long can they live in lies?

Now that she finally made that decision, she wasn’t that happy. She remembered his smiles, his caring and his jokes, sometimes corny, sometimes awkward. She remembered the times he surprised her, thinking he won’t turn up, but then he was there. But then she also remembered their situations, that no matter what, they won’t be one hundred per cent together, that he will never be hers, or her his. Full stop.

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All he could do now is hope that someone out there, some crew member of a ship or a plane, would see the fire or the message they left in the sand. He looked at the fire and then overlooked the island. From where he stood he could see the entire island. The luscious bush and the beach, where they found themselves stranded. He was wondering if she knew. She probably did by now. He so wanted to let her know that he was okay. That the horse was fine too. He had to go back. The others were trying to build a shelter for the night. One of them was injured. Hopefully someone would be here to rescue them soon.

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Every time he thought about her, about them, about their coming wedding, the plans, her white dress, his tuxedo, the cake and all the shivaree – he couldn’t help himself but get emotional. If there was some way to send her his message – some sort of telesthesia – that he was fine, that the horse, gentle and docile, was fine too. He was just supposed to bring the horse to her as a wedding present. But that prodigious waves and storm made the ship capsize. He and the horse ended up being stranded in this island, along with some other survivors.

The entire island wasn’t bad at all, with the luscious bush and the beach, the grass still wet with dew – it was like a paradise. Oh how he wished she was here, too. He helped the others build some shelter for the night. He also looked after the one who was injured. He put some bandage around the person’s injured elbow and gave him a drink from a coconut, if only they have a glass, but drinking it from the coconut husk was also adequate. He told the injured to rest. They just have to hope and wait.



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He’s Back! – Finish It!


It’s been a month since he’d seen her the last time. They’ve spent almost the entire winter holiday together. In a country that was a long way from his. Then they kissed. They kissed often. And when he had to leave it almost broke him. She would be here in a couple of minutes. Not long now. But how would it be? What if their reunion wouldn’t be the way he was hoping for? What if the chemistry was no longer there? What if the fire was no longer burning?
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Conall paced up and down the hall. He managed to get away from his family on the pretence of working away. It was also good that the project was not finished yet, so his boss sent him to this place for another month. A month! One long month with Mandy, he could hardly wait. God, he missed her so much. The way she flicked her hair, the way she pouts when something upsets her, her mincing of words and all the little things she does. That winter was like being in seventh heaven, if there’s such a place like that. Not long now. Then, he heard the familiar sound of her car being parked in front of the cottage. He knew she’d seen his car. Her quickening steps toward the house and her “Darling, you’ve come back!” made all his worries gone. With open arms, they kissed! “Welcome back, Darling!”
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Such a Dilemma – Finish It! #38


She was excited by the offer she just got. How could she possibly turn it down? It was what she’d always dreamed of. And yet, it seemed a bit scary. So many things would change. Her life would not be the same anymore.

Bituin was just accepted to do her PhD at the Mexico City University and she could start next term. Wow, she couldn’t believe her luck. Among the hundreds of applicants, she got one of the fifteen posts. She always dreamed of studying abroad. She better start planning – packing, sorting her papers, visa, telling her parents, saying goodbye to her boyfriend Raul. Will they be able to be apart for three years, at least? Or would it be better to part now, give each other a clean break. Ouch! Just the thought of it makes her downhearted.

And there’s also a part that seemed a bit scary. Mexico City –the third largest city in the world with increasing population, coupled with the accelerating socially-derived problems, such as potable water supplies, waste water removal, and garbage disposal, mean that there are going to be severe challenges to the community in the near future. Not to mention, pollution, crimes, poverty and other problems. Is Bituin prepared to live in this city? Bituin comes from one of the islands in the Philippines, which probably has similar problems befitting a third world country. But still, there are differences. Such a dilemma.

For: Finish It! #38

His Heart Was Heavy – Finish It! #18, Wordle 180 and 5 Photos – 5 Days Challenge Day 3

Wordle 180 – polarise, lot, posey, ashes, joy, love, flames, identity, discernment, selfless, fear, sticks


His heart was heavy. He had to find the right words to let her know. It would be a shock for her and he wasn’t sure how she would handle the news. Why? He had asked himself that question thousands of times over the last thirty minutes. Why? Somehow there had to be an answer for it. If only he could come up with one before he had to tell her.

The situation has polarised into two competing opinions. Should he tell her or not? His love for her should be selfless. He should stop being a posey and tell her the truth. But can she handle it? If he carries on with astonishing lack of discernment and stick with the lies, then that’s not fair for her. Sooner or later, the flames of their loves will turn to ashes and joy will turn to fear. That’s a lot to handle. He should tell her who he really is. He should reveal his true identity. That he’s not from this world. That he was summoned to go back to where he came from. That it hurt him to leave her but he has to do what was commanded of him. He was able to accomplish his mission on earth and now it’s time to go home.


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The Man Who Sat Next To Her – Finish It! #20 and 5 Photos – 5 Days Challenge Day 1


Finally! Boarding time! She made her way to her seat and stowed her carry on away. As much as she loved travelling she was not keen on this 12 hour flight. She sat down and fastened her seat belt, wondering who would sit next to her. After a quick look out the tiny window she started scanning the other passengers entering the plane, wondering who would eventually sit down next to her. She glanced out the window again and observed the busy world out there. Then someone sat down next to her.

A very smart business man type with his suit, his trench coat, his briefcase and a newspaper still stuck under his arm. He looked at her and nodded. She nodded, acknowledging his presence. Oh good, someone decent, not a screaming toddler or an overweight passenger. She started to relax and carried on reading her magazine.

As the aircraft travelled down the runway, they heard and felt bumps as it crossed the uneven parts of the runway. There was noticeable bump when the plane lifted off. That noise made him nervous. “Oh dear, what’s that?” he muttered. “Oh, we’re just lifting off,” she assured him. The plane climbed steeply and turned sharply, shortly after take-off. He was gripping the arm rest so hard, sweating profusely and banging his head against the chair in front of him. He was also mumbling some prayers or cursing under his breath.

As it cruised, the plane rode upon an invisible cushion of air that has been pushed down by the shape of the wing. The plane jolted slightly as it followed the shape of the air – there was turbulence. “Oh God, oh God, I don’t want to die!” he said. And then the “bing bong” sounded, i.e. the safety belts signs were off. “What was that, what was that?” he asked nervously. The stewardess came to him and assured him that everything was alright and there was no need to worry. She even asked him if he wanted to have a drink. He said no for drinks.

For the rest of the 12 hour flight, this man spent his eyes closed, holding on to the arm rest and whispering prayers under his breath. And when they finally landed, he put his trench coat back on, got his briefcase back and wished her a good day. And off he went, back to being a business man type again.

Barcelona 011

I would like to thank marjma2014 for nominating me to take part in a photography/writing challenge.

Now for the rules of the challenge:

‘Post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo. The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose. Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.’

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Oh What a Wonderful Day! – Finish It! #19

Finally everything seemed to fall in places. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so happy and excited. Finally! She couldn’t stop smiling. What a wonderful day it was.

Kathy woke up in a good mood that morning. She took her time brushing her hair, few stretching exercises, a refreshing shower and a hearty breakfast. She even sang in the shower. She went to work that morning and had coffee with her colleague. In the afternoon, she went to a conference. There she met Ben, who asked if they could have dinner that evening.

She wore her favourite dark blue dress and her wedge shoes. She braided her long, brown hair. She looked stunning. Ben was already waiting for her at their favourite Thai restaurant. He was wearing his white shirt and jeans. They had spring rolls for starters with Hugo. They talked about the conference and how they enjoyed taking part in it. They ordered the main meal – Pad Thai and chicken cashew nuts with a nice bottle of Chablis.

They walked to the park near their place after the meal. In the middle of the park, Ben stopped and with bended knee, produced this ring from his pocket. Ben looked at Kathy and asked: “Will you do the honour of being my wife?” Kathy couldn’t stop smiling and answered: “Yes, of course, I’d love to be your wife!” Oh what a wonderful day it was!

Sheena and Her Car – Finish It! #16 and Three Words


She knew she’d hit something. But what? She saw the shade suddenly jumping or running right in front of her car. Oh no! Her heart was racing while she got out of the car. Maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe it was the fog and the darkness setting in. Maybe she did not hit anything. Maybe it was just the fog. But she felt it too. She slowly made her way to the front of the car. And then her heart froze. There it was.

A deer – on the roof of her car! Poor deer – she didn’t mean to hit it. Oh no, not today! Michael would be furious when he sees the damage it caused in the car – again! Last time, Sheena nearly went to the lake when it skidded through the rain. They have also just replaced the tyres because she kept on driving it home even though the “tyres alarm” was blinking and she didn’t bother stopping. Not knowing she had a flat tyre! The tyre marks were still on their street. Sheena and car system – they don’t really get on, even though she loves her red Mini.

Oh well, at least they’ll have venison tonight…

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What had happened? – Finish It! #15 and FFfAW Week of May 20, 2015

This week’s photo prompt is supplied by Dawn M. Miller
This week’s photo prompt is supplied by Dawn M. Miller

Her head was hurting. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed so heavy. She could hear voices, like from afar. Her mouth was dry and she could not lift her arm. What had happened? Where was she?

The weather was gorgeous so Jack and Rowena decided to cycle to their favourite beer garden with a jazz band playing in the gazebo. It took them an hour and a half cycling from their house. They passed by some parks, a riverbank, crossed the bridge where they stopped to look at the view of the river and the mountains.

The jazz band was already playing when they reached the beer garden. The bought their beer and food. The garden was full of fellow cyclists and other jazz enthusiasts. They stayed for a couple of hours. On the way back, the driver of the fast car didn’t see Rowena as she crossed the road. So Rowena was thrown off the bike. They took her to the hospital straight away. Now, she was waking up and she couldn’t remember what happened.


Darkie and Divs – Finish It! #14 and Writing Prompt #107 “Passenger”


He looked at the letter. Over and over again. Maybe he was dreaming. This was too good to be true! Life had been rough recently. He checked again, if the letter was really addressed to him. If this was true, it would change everything.

It would change his life. He could get away from this poverty, buy a new car, even move house.

“Right, Martin, you’ve read the letter and it was addressed to you. That means, you’ve won the lottery – hip, hip, hurray!” said Darkie, who was wearing some black leather sexy outfit, with holes at the side of the dress held by pins.

“Hang on a minute, Darkie … the truth was the ticket wasn’t really his, right, Martin? Didn’t the good old neighbour, Mrs. Smith gave you some money and asked you to buy her that lottery ticket? But you forgot to give her the ticket.” That was Divs talking, who was wearing a simple white dress, which covered her from neck to toes, her hair braided with a white bow.

“But you could always tell the old lady you forgot to buy her the ticket and probably give her money back,” whispered Darkie to Martin’s left ear, her breath smelled like strawberries and her lips so inviting.

“I’m sure the decent way was to tell her the truth, who knows, she might share her winnings!” persuaded Divs. “Come on, Martin, I’ve always known you doing the right thing!”

“Think of all the good stuff you could have, new car, move house, away from this dilapidated flats with weird neighbours – and you could woo Estelle now.” Darkie seducing Martin with her looks.

“But Martin, would you be able to live with lies, with the guilty feeling that you deprived Mrs. Smith of her winnings, which might pay for her medicines and so on? Think about it, Martin,” replied Divs.

“The two of you, please leave me alone. Can a man think for himself?” And so Darkie and Divs left Martin in peace. If you were Martin, what would you do?