That Mountain – Finish It! #4 and “Words to Write By” Prompt #6

azalea, century, wine, disturbance, skirt, steal, wade, habit, incompatible, illusion

view from the top
view from the top

They were standing on top of the mountain, overlooking the valley and the ocean. It was hard to believe that they were here after all they’ve been through.

They used to climb this mountain, overlooking the valley and the ocean. It felt like that was a century ago. That long time ago… when they have just got married and the world was full of azalea, snowbells, lilies and irises and they ran up and down the hills. Then there was a disturbance that stole their happiness and togetherness.

Thomas was assigned to Afghanistan and Joanne had to wait for him. Unfortunately, Thomas was hit by one of the tanks and ended up losing his left foot. Years of agony and pain, of rehabilitation, of having an artificial leg, of getting used to the whole idea that their lives have changed.

Joanne was always on his side, encouraging him, giving him all the love and support to make him whole again. Slowly, they went back to their habit of walking, of climbing some hills, and eventually, of climbing that mountain. So they were standing on top of that mountain and saying thanks to what they have achieved.

A Moment in Time – FFfAW Week of 05-13-2015, Finish It! #7 and Three Words

This week’s photo prompt is from pricelessjoy.
This week’s photo prompt is from pricelessjoy.

His hands were trembling. He wasn’t sure what to do. He wasn’t sure what to think. All he knew was it was now or never.

Albert knew that the longer her waits, the moment might pass. That he will not be able to say it, that they will be talking about something else. And so he has to go back to the real world.

The moment when the crimson sky is spreading out across the sky like scarlet blood exploding over a large canvass, as the golden sun sinking behind the classic landscape. The moment when five ducks are waddling assertively across the park where they are sitting down. The moment when everything is peaceful and tranquil.

On bended knee, he produces a slender band with a single diamond ring and asks: “Rosemarie, will you do the honour of being my wife?”

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The Visit – Finish It #1 and Tuesday’s Photo Prompt #3

Hope by Iskander 1989
Hope by Iskander 1989

She carefully opened the door, not sure what to expect. It had been a while since she has visited. Nothing was the way she remembered and when her eyes finally got adjusted to the dark, what she saw made her shiver…

She saw Marie in front of her window, still with her nightgown, barefoot, her hair uncombed, looking out, waiting…. Such a heart-rending sight! How could Luisa leave her like this? If only she could make her smile again. To hear her laughing again. To comb her hair, to tell her not to worry. That even though Mummy left, she’d always be here looking after her.

How Luisa wish she was given more time, to see Marie grow up, to be with her on her first day of school, to give her advice on her first date, to pack her things when she leaves home for college, to go shopping with her, to talk about her day-to-day activities and so on. Things that a Mum and a daughter do.

Cancer won over her. There was no way she could be cured. It happened so fast, that she wasn’t able to prepare Marie. She knew that Oscar would look after Marie, but then he was also mourning for her. If only she was given more time, one more time to hold their hands, to hug them both and to reassure them that she also missed them.

How Was That Possible? – Finish It! #2


How was it possible that she ended up here? She was so careful, followed the rules and took no risks whatsoever.

Pauline was looking forward to her holiday to Istanbul with her friend Janina. They seldom see each other and this holiday was planned for a long time. Janina booked her flight from Manchester and agreed to fly to London first so she could spend some time with Pauline before their flight to Istanbul. While they were packing their bags, Janina suggested they mix their stuff and bags in case some bags were lost or delayed, they’ve got at least some clothes from the other bag. Pauline agreed and packed their stuff.

At Istanbul airport, Pauline was surprised when the Customs asked her to open her suitcase. They checked it and took out Janina’s jewellery box. They asked her a lot of questions and she said it wasn’t hers, it’s her friend’s. They found some drugs hidden in it. By that time, Janina was nowhere to be found. And Pauline was arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. How could she ended up in Istanbul prison? What kind of a friend was Janina? How could she ever get out of this nightmare?

Trust Her – Finish It! #13 and Heeding Haiku With HA: Untold Stories


She kept looking in her mirror. The car was still following her. She was sure it was the same car. She did another unnecessary turn, just to see what the driver in the dark Suburban would do. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe he was heading the same direction she was. But there was this weird feeling. This sick gut feeling and the last had taught her to listen to her instincts.

Meanwhile, Ricardo was waiting for the detective to tell him what his wife, Esmeralda was doing. Is she cheating on him? What was she doing on her spare time? Is she seeing another man? He couldn’t help it. Marrying someone 20 years younger gives him this insecure feeling.

When they got married, Ricardo was the happiest man on earth. Esmeralda was so beautiful it hurt him to think that she could be with another man at this time. Esmeralda was always full of life, breezing through life as we speak. She likes travelling, sight-seeing, cycling, sailing and all other fun activities. She’s also very sociable, always surrounded by friends and colleagues, very popular and will grace any event. She works part-time in a publishing company.

Ricardo has his own successful business and travels most of the time. Sometimes, he takes Esmeralda with him. But when he’s alone, that’s when this insecure feeling creeps in. That’s why he hired this detective to follow his wife around.

insecure husband
wanting to know where wife is
hired a detective

hired a detective
not good when he cannot trust
the love of his life

the love of his life
perhaps more faith needed here
for love to survive

Enough was Enough! – Finish It #11 and Photo Challenge #59, Shadow

– Menoevil
– Menoevil

Her hands were shaking. Her heart was racing. Enough! She had enough! He would no longer hurt her! She could feel the cold metal in her hand slowly adjust to her body’s temperature. She had her back in the corner of their bathroom, the door locked and outside of it footsteps approaching.

That part of her life was over. He could no longer hurt her. She was able to get away. Or was it? How come she still feels that he was still there in the shadows, lurking around? That he was waiting for the right moment to attack her again, to make her life miserable and to take away all the respect she feels for herself.

That incident in the bathroom when he was approaching her was always on her mind. She had to do it. There was no other way for him to stop. She could no longer endure the pain. It had been going on since they got married. She thought she found her knight, instead she found her nightmare. She had to fire that gun, the only thing that separated her from him. Enough was enough!

The Wait – FFfAW Week of 05-06-2015 and Finish It! #5

The photo is from Ady, author of the blog, The Bourne of Infinitude.
The photo is from Ady, author of the blog, The Bourne of Infinitude.

He tried to be as still as possible, peaking through the leaves, wondering if they were still out there.

They were still out there, still sailing, still looking for him.

Why couldn’t they give up? Why couldn’t they accept that he wasn’t there anymore? Surely some evidence told them so.

He faked his own death. He took his clothes and shoes off, pretending that the sea finally got into him. That he was giving up all hope and succumb to the pressure that was building up for the last couple of years. That he could not take it anymore.

He had planned it all, the spare clothes, the new passport, new identity, new beginning in another place. He just had to be patient and wait for the search to finish, lie low in this island with enough supplies to keep him through while waiting.

Did he do the right thing? Would he be able to start again after what he had gone through? Did he just give up everything? (150 words)

Saying Goodbye – Finish It! #6 and Wordle #59

She was about to board the plane, close to tears and confused. He had brought her to the airport and the goodbye was not easy. They were only friends, but it felt like so much more. She knew what she felt for him but she also knew it would not be possible. He had only just lost his wife 10 months ago and was still grieving. Although there was some kind of chemistry between them, it could just not be. Probably she made it all up. But what if there was more? What if there was love? Would it be possible? She would never find out if she would set foot on the plane which was due to take her back to the other side of this planet.

They met at a dance. It was for the monarch’s reception of all expats working in Bangkok. Jessamine was wearing a cream gown with orange bow at the waist. She looked tantalisingly beautiful. That was the first time George saw her. He was wearing a dark blue suit with his grandfather’s pocket watch inside his vest. They danced and talked most of the night and found a lot of things in common. They went to the garden and enjoyed the fragrant flowers, quite oblivious to the rest of the party.

They met two days after for a coffee and became friends. They enjoyed each other’s company. Jessamine works at the British Consulate and was posted in Bangkok for 6 months. George has his own business there. His wife died 10 months ago and was still grieving. Jessamine was sort of a diversion, she thought. But then, she was falling for him. She had to pinch herself to remind herself that what she was feeling might not be the same for him. She was culpable for letting herself fall for him. She closed her eyes, applied some pressure to the eyeballs that produced phosphenes. Such luminous image. She knew then that she had to let him take his time to grieve. Perhaps one day…


The Grasshopper – Sunday Photo Fiction and Finish It! #3

Grasshopper on a wrist watch
Grasshopper on a wrist watch

He looked around. Where did she go? She was just standing next to him and now she was no longer there. Panic started to take over! How could he have lost her! How could she have disappeared so quickly? And how would he be able to find her again here and now?

Where could she be? Would he be able to see her again? How could he lose her suddenly? Martin couldn’t comprehend what has just happened. One minute they were talking animatedly, arguing at times and laughing the next minute. It was always like that with Amanda, full of drama and action. But it was the first time that she disappeared quickly.

Out of the blue, a grasshopper flew on Martin’s wrist watch. It was an olive green one with black markings which resemble chevrons. It was just there. Did Amanda turn into a grasshopper, he pondered. He observed the grasshopper’s eyes, which were coloured to blend into its environment. He reminisced Amanda’s big brown eyes, always curious, always excited and always sparkling.

Martin tried to pick the grasshopper up. It spat a brown liquid to him, then catapulted up and flew off quickly. “Wait,” yelled Martin. But the grasshopper jumped and flickered away, never to be seen again.

From a Distance – Friday Fiction, Finish It! #9 and The Prompt Week 64

sun rise

Sitting on the rock, his feet dangling in the water. It was the place he could relax, where all the pressure was lifted off his shoulders. He wished, he could share it with her though. While his eyes scanned the ocean he wondered where she would be right now, what she was doing and whom she was with.

The last time he saw her was at EDSA, they were part of the protestors at Camp Crame, wearing yellow shirts. It was in February 1986, to be exact. They were part of the crowds praying, shouting and singing together in front of tanks and armed soldiers. That was a tough time, they didn’t know what to expect. They just joined them in the spirit of cooperation and unity. They wanted freedom from dictatorship, from corruption, from poverty. They handed some sandwiches and flowers to the soldiers and the other people near them. They wanted to make a difference. It took 3 days for the revolution to be over. They were proud to be part of that history.

And then she was gone. Away from him, away from this country. She was returning to Britain where she was to get married. She always wanted to be different, to spread her wings, to explore. She went from one country to another, venturing out, experiencing life and somehow, was successful in her endeavour. She met her future husband in the chemical laboratory in Germany, where they were both training.

And as for him, he also started having a family, with 4 children in tow. He was very proud of what he has achieved, having his own business and quite successful, too. The children were all doing well in school. But from time to time, he still thinks about her. About what it could have been had they been together, what could have been had she not left the country, what could have been had he had the courage to let her know what he felt. He always wondered where she would be right now, what she was doing and whom she was with.

Friday Fiction Is Changing

The Prompt 64