five minute friday :: journey


She came second, but acted like the first
She needn’t say a word, now she’s well-versed
Quiet and always with a book, while the siblings dance
They’ve done the lot, but she maintained her resistance
They have a happy childhood, with hundreds of cousins
They played, they swam, they partied and other actions
She got her degree in Chemistry with a loyalty medal
She went to Europe and saw her first snow and castle
There she met someone in the lab and romance bloomed
Six months in the lab and the relationship mushroomed
But got separated because both want to experience more
Then they came back and decided it was forevermore
A son was born and the three played house with a garden
Everything revolved around the son, which was part of a bargain
Until the time came, when the son left and emptied the nest
The couple couldn’t complain, they were happy and blessed
Now back to being two, they’re enjoying being SKIers
Spending Kids Inheritance, by going to different places
Experiencing life to the full while they still can
Ticking their Bucket List in their life span


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five minute friday :: park


A place of natural wonders
As we ambled along the park
Where shorebirds fly and sing
Frogs and newts jump in the pond
The fish spawn among the plants
Bicycling through the distance
Lavenders, roses and their fragrance
As the wind brushes the leaves
Lovers have a tiff and they’re peeve
Sand dunes for miles and miles
Great to have lovely lifestyles
Wooden cabins in the vicinity
And they have a nice pot of tea

For: five minute friday :: park by Kate

five minute friday :: test


Test of time
Sign of friendship and courage
Muse is always there
Giving support to those who asked
Helping us to choose our priorities
Potion of hope

Is it a remedy?
For all the heartache and tribulation?
When there’s nothing else?
When we thought it’s the end?
And no one notice our sorrow?
Let’s not despair

Don’t lose hope
It’s always there at the side
Let’s seek and find
Gold at the end of rainbow
Light at the end of tunnel
Go grub it

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: five minute friday :: test


five minute friday :: collect

I collect memories of the past
They went so fast and such a blast
I collect tickets of our travel
There’s no such thing as dull
I collect photos of everything
Flowers, sky, they keep on adding
I collect shoes and bags
Mugs, DVDs, CDs and flags
I collect all our experiences
Positive, negative, such a balance
I collect memories we share
In my heart and handle them with care

For: five minute friday :: collect


five minute friday :: listen


Listen to that thunder
Full of rage and fury
Bursting with anger
The sky breaks loose
And I want to flee

Transforming the sky
Objecting to the silence
Upheaval seems to amplify
Like it’s time for a vengeance
And I ask, why me?

The ease of water rolling
Wind blustering like mad
To the flood it’s adding
Going out I’m forbade
Save I want to be drenched

Words failed to come
I want to be somewhere
I was silent and glum
Find a place with no blare
That’s where I want to be

Where flowers blossom
The sun shines bright
The day so awesome
Not giving me a fright
I promise to be good

Presenting me with hope
And other dreams
A day I can cope
So bright it gleams
I’ll take that anytime

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five minute friday :: path


There’s a secret path
Confined behind the waterfall
Magical garden
A place with strange creatures
Having a party
A cherry blossom party
I was invited
Nymphs, mermaids, fairies and others
Mythical creatures
All frolicking around and happy
Singing and dancing
Playing games, eating, drinking
Like there’s no tomorrow
In this breezy paradise
Where there’s no limit
Of what you like to achieve
I revere that view
I want to be part of that
I was mesmerised
From this brilliant dream
The alarm clock keeps buzzing
I need to wake up and work

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


the path of life

everyone has his own way

reaching there somehow

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

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five minute friday :: miss

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a holiday here in Bavaria – it’s Ascension Day and at the same time, Father’s Day. Oh how I miss my Dad! I know it has been a long time since he passed away but words cannot describe the void I feel every time I think of him. Oh yes, from time to time, I feel sad when my mind drifts his way. From time to time, I have this imaginary phone call to him, telling him about our day to day activities here in Bavaria, how the weather has been changing, how our garden has been developing, what I will cook, how HRH is growing up fast and soon he’s getting married. I think HRH the son was only 9 when he passed away. We went to see my Dad when the son was around 4 and we had a great time, we went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Las Vegas and San Diego. Now the son doesn’t really remember his Granddad aside from the photos that we show him.

Goodbye, Dad
Although it was still early when you left us
Even when there should be more opportunities
It hurts to think that you left us
You were not here to celebrate with us
And listened to our stories
That you never saw us growing
and your grandchildren
The everyday things and happenings
What we have achieved, our problems
When our hearts break, our happiness
Farewell, Father
Let your soul rest in peace

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five minute friday :: whole


What makes me whole? Him Indoors and HRH the son, my reasons to be here, to love them wholeheartedly and hopefully, them loving me back. I’m sure they do. At the moment, Him Indoors is cooking our dinner, how sweet of him. And as for the son, he’s doing fine in the UK and he usually skypes us on Sundays.

My mother and my siblings make me whole, too. I’m so grateful that my mother is still here with us and still quite active and strong at 78. She’s looking forward to flying to the UK to attend HRH the son’s wedding next month. The same goes for my siblings. My sister and husband are coming from Canada for the wedding. And my youngest brother and family are already in the UK, so they’ll definitely be able attend. As for my elder brother and his family, he might be on his ship so they’ll be able to miss the wedding.

That’s it from me on the topic of whole. Have a great weekend, everyone!

For: Five Minute Friday by Kate Motaung


five minute friday :: alive


Have you ever been in a situation where you feel trapped?
Where you were abandoned by your company for the last three months?
Where you have no salary, no food in a remote island of China?
Where you and 21 others are sharing the same fate and no one seem to care?
Where your family – wife, children, parents, siblings are also affected?
Where all you need now is to be able to go home?

This situation is real, and is happening to my brother and his fellow seamen. Since December 2015, their company went bankrupt and basically left them there, in the island. They were not given any food, nor salary, nor exit visa. The crew is getting desperate and frustrated as the days pass by. They just would like to go home to their families. This morning they tried to escape to another island where the nearest Philippine Embassy is. But the immigration police caught them and were taken in detention for three hours, all 21 of them in a small room. Then they escorted them back to their ship. I hope the Philippine Government help them by giving them exit visa, then they can go home to their families.

For: five minute friday :: alive by Kate Motaung


five minute friday :: surprise


It was tough, every month waiting and hoping, hoping for the positive result. Hoping for some good news. It has been nearly six years and we’ve been trying to have a baby. But it wasn’t meant to be. I would take the test and usually came out defeated. Not this month, perhaps next month, we’d be lucky. And so it carried on. Until we said OK we’re giving up, we just have to accept that we won’t be able to start a family. That it would be just the two of us. We planned for our lives together. We planned for some holidays. We joined the gym, we started cycling and walking. Life couldn’t be happier. Until the time we flew to Britain for holiday. I was sick, I thought it was just the turbulence. Then I just realised I haven’t had my period for quite some time, so I took the pregnancy test. To our big surprise – it was positive. I was pregnant. Such great feeling, to be pregnant without really thinking about it, without being worried about it. Great! Then he arrived, a premature baby, but we didn’t mind. He’s ours, he’s our big surprise! Now, he will be 24 in two months’ time and he’s getting married this year, too.

For: five minute friday :: surprise by Kate Motaung