Five Minute Friday :: News

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “I Will Keep Broken Things” by Alice Walker: broken, chasing, wise, sheared, basket, jagged, swims, remains, missing, pilgrim, sorrow, keep

“Bill Langoy has broken the record of being the fastest swimmer in the South China Sea!” He later revealed that his secret was to think that he was being chased by a shark. That was a wise idea.

“Great sorrow for the boy still missing in the pilgrim.” The family kept their vigil, hoping for his return. News later revealed that the remains of the boy was found among the jagged cliffs.

“Price of wool has gone down!” Consequently, the cost of shearing  a sheep sometimes exceeds the price at which the wool can be sold.

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five minute friday :: quiet


Quiet is a state of the mind. I can be quiet in the most chaotic situation, in a busy street, in a concert, in a supermarket, anywhere. I can also be quiet when I’m listening to a classical music or any relaxing music. I can be quiet when I’m writing my blog, focusing on what I’m doing, the noise outside I don’t really hear. I like it when everything is quiet, when I can just commune with nature, when I walk in the park, or when I do some exercise in the gym. Quiet is the time when I can think about the next plan, when I can assess the present situation, when I can daydream or when I meditate. Quiet is when I can write my list, any list, shopping, groceries, to-do lists. I like it when it’s quiet!

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“Time Flies If You Have Fun”

Schools’ out for summer
Playing, running and swimming
Childhood memories

When I was young, summer was my favourite season. The sun was out, flowers bloomed and everything was bright and beautiful. It was the time we played outside all day (until our parents called us for dinner), cycled around our village, and seek our adventure in all places. We also swam in creeks and lakes, climbed trees, ate fruit we picked, played hide and seek. On other days, we played patintero (try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you), tumbang preso (hit the can), piko (hopscotch) or luksong-tinik (lit. jump over the thorns of a plant). Sometimes we rented some bikes and circled around our neighbourhood. It was a happy childhood.

Summer is still my favourite season. I love it when we could be lazy and not do anything. Or staying in the garden and drinking some cold drinks, listening to the birds singing. I love our garden, full of lavenders, roses, dahlias, petunias, sunflowers, and the three tortoises walking around their fenced paradise half of our garden (spoiled pets!). I also love it when we cycle to different beer gardens and parks, or go to the mountains to walk or swim in the lakes.

A warm summer day
Watching the ducks in the lake
Cycling to the park

For: Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 13th 2016. Also for: five minute friday :: time



Thomas was so unlike Jessica in all aspects – his eyes narrowed to crinkled slits to her big brown eyes; his bushy eyebrows merging into one and sometimes his eyes crossed in exasperation because of his long eye lashes to her “pretty as a picture” face; his being so mischievous that he was punished on his first day of school for biting a boy’s ear to her quietness. She never really needed to talk because he’s always there, telling them he wants an ice-cream and can they give one to her, too? And while he easily mocked and taunted the others, he seemed to be afraid of making fun of her especially when her big brown eyes gave him a “don’t you dare” look. Their being dissimilar cannot keep them apart. They were the best of friends. Where one went, the other one followed. She whispered to him the answer when the teacher asked him something and he didn’t have a clue of what it was about. He illustrated 2 sketches because she could not draw. She shared her sandwich with him and they ate it together with their drinks. And he walked her home every single day, even though his house was on the opposite side of town.

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Five Minute Friday – Dwell

I dwell with Him Indoors in Bavaria. HRH the son used to dwell with us, but for the last five years, since he started at the university, he doesn’t dwell with us anymore. He dwells in the UK. Dwell for me, is not just a place where we live or stay, it’s also the feeling of being secured, of being a part of something, of being included and of being in love. When I was young, I used to dwell with my family, 2 parents, 3 siblings, a grandmother and cousins and aunts and uncles who come and stay with us for a while or so. It was fun growing up with everyone around. Then I started travelling and I’ve dwelled in different cities and countries, until I met Him Indoors. We’re happy, Him Indoors and I and hopefully carry on dwelling happily for the rest of our lives.

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Honour Your Father and Your Mother…


Honour thy father and thy mother
It would be their birthdays soon
One week after the other
For the two persons I adore
My Dad, sadly, was no longer here
But I still think of him and miss him
His generosity, his kindness, his cooking
He was the first one who would greet anyone
When their birthdays come, by phone or cards
I would always treasure his memories
And then there’s my Mom, she’s special
She’s still here and she still rocks
Still beautiful, still looking after us
Even though she doesn’t live with us
Still full of life and funny, still strong
So here’s to say, thanks for everything
We love you to infinity and beyond!

For: Five Minute Free Writes

HRH the Son – Five Minute Friday : Gift


HRH the son is the best gift we’ve ever had. From the time he was born and now at 23, he’s still our precious one, and the only one. We’re always proud of him and we wish him all the best. Cheers, our son!

HRH the son

The time really goes so fast
We can still remember all the years
His first words that gave us cheers
The first time he crawls and walks
The first time he rode his bicycle
His first day of school with a big bag
Karate, music, choir, kung-fu, guitar
When we reminisce them they bring tears

snow 023

From primary years to senior years
He was showing some independence
Lots of friends, loves Maths and Science
Learns to drive, happy to have his license
Friends stayed overnight and had fun
Activities in school, soon time to leave
To another country to have his degree
We surely miss him but we had to let him go


Happy we all are
When the son rang and said
She said yes and soon they be wed
Gave her a charming sapphire ring
Lovely in her hands so they go-ahead
Eventually they said, there’s no rush
They both have to finish their Masters
Find a job, get a house, plan their future


We are happy, Him Indoor and I
We can feel the son is so happy
We are happy he found his Sweetie
She’s very lovely, we all agree
They can plan their future, all coolly
We’re happy to share with you all
Something positive and exciting
The world is wonderful and brightly

five minute friday :: gift

Blue Skies in Town – Five Minute Friday – Blue

sky3 sky1 sky4

2015 014 shadowed sky5

sky8 sky7 May pole

Blue skies in town
Happy as a clown
Met my friend for lunch
Actually more like a brunch
Had sashimi and green tea
Small Japanese kiosk in the alley
That was delightful
Best one, not to be bashful
Walked around town
In easy fashion, slowdown
Pedestrian zone, no cars
Lots of bars and bazaars
Street scenes were fun
Was able to strike a bargain
Musicians, artists, vendors
Ladies met some bachelors
People walking, eating, smiling
Bonding, chuckling, biking, bumming
Sitting down, chatting, enjoying the sun
Pretended I bought a lottery ticket and won

five minute friday :: blue {plus a special video message from the fmf retreat planning committee!}