‘Say Something’-FFF36


Remembering Jessamine
The day she left us broke our hearts
We remembered her poems, paintings and arts
Each one of us has a different way to mourn
We all love her from the day she was born
Different ways of coping and of remembering
What ties us all is the love for her
That she was still here, singing and dancing
All the things she did were entertaining
That the years never really mattered
As the flames leapt skyward
We said farewell
We closed our eyes and sighed
Gone but not forgotten
Her memories lingered on
Rest in peace, Jessamine

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Say Something’-FFF36 by the bookblogger 2014

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His Heart Beats Again


It started in school. They were the best of friends. Where one went, the other followed. Jessica shared her sandwich with Thomas and they ate it together with their drinks. And he walked her home every single day, even though his house was on the opposite side of town.

For some reasons, they got separated. Many years had passed, Thomas got married and three years later, he was a widower. Out of the blue, he saw Jessica standing there. Was it really her? She glanced at him and did a double take…”Is that you, Thomas?” And his heart beats again.

For: ‘Sh-Boom’-FFF33

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She Couldn’t Stop Herself Being a Monster


in a remote village of Nakakatakot
lived a woman called Manding
once a month she changed
to a monster called Manananggal
black wings appeared on her back
she separated her top from her torso
and flew away as the night grew dim
she needed some foetus
sucked their livers and hearts
she said she could smell pregnant women
she tried to stop herself but in vain
this power or accursed was passed on
to her by her mother
as a compromise, she tried to fly far away
away from her village, away from neighbours
hence they wouldn’t be her victims

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Monster’-FFF31 by thebookblogger2014

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The thunder appeared to crack the air, as if the sky might split apart. I looked up the charcoal sky and yearned. Why did I let you leave me? Why didn’t I try my best to save our relationship? Why was I feeling this way every time I see you with her? We used to be happy and I thought it would last forever. How I wish I could bring back the past, how I wish I’m still in your arms and not her, sharing dreams and plans. I know I have to stop this jealousy. Time to move on.

For: ‘Jealous’-FFF30 by the Book Blogger

Death of a Bachelor

juan pablo latino bachelor bt

He orders his martini and listens to his mates’ voices and laughter. This is where he releases the pressure from work, determines to climb as high as possible on his career ladder. He goes outside to smoke and contemplates on his life. He’s quite scared of the future. Is he risking everything? Is he ready to commit? He knows that everything happens for a reason and Mary is the biggest reason there is. He’s going to give up being a bachelor for her. He puts the ring back in his pocket – tomorrow he’ll ask Mary to be his wife.


For: ‘Death of a Bachelor’-FFF29 by the book blogger and wordle 116 by brenda warren

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You Colour My World

Yellow Orchids by Liz West CC BY 2.0

You colour my world yellow with a splash
Bright and full of hope on my birthday bash
You colour my world red with fiery passion
Adventure, travelling together and always fun
You colour my world blue with eternal peace
Everything harmonious, don’t want it to cease
You colour my world green, love is evergreen
It also means balance and I’m always your queen
You colour my world pink for love and nurturing
Romantic and full of hope, we can both sing
You colour my world grey emotionless and dark
It’s not always sunshine but we find our spark

For: Photo Challenge # 95: January 12, 2016 and ‘`Can’t Help falling in Love with you’-FFF28

Young and Beautiful’-FFF27

He was a Captain of the Ship from a Spanish lineage, tall, dark and handsome. She was a short, native Filipina, with big brown eyes, flat nose, and long wavy hair. Both young and beautiful, they fell in love and got married. Everything was rosy. They had many children. They called each other “dear” until the end of their lives. He loved reading; he wrote the meaning of some words at the side of the books he read. She was a good business woman. He died of Parkinson’s disease; she followed after 6 months, perhaps from a broken heart… My grandparents’ story.



For: Flash Fiction Foray by Matt, the Book Blogger

Wish I Was Home For Christmas

Wish I was home for Christmas
The squad is down to bareness
Wish I was there playing my drums
Having fun with family and chums
Eating minced pies and singing carols
Not here fighting battles after battles
Wish I had the power to make people think
Reflect before we’re dead in a blink
That killing one another was not the answer
I insist that my voice be heard, and the others
Air out some differences then find a solution
Let’s not be blind to one another’s needs
In an ideal world, we’re threading and spinning
Until there’s peace and hope for everybody

by brenda warren


For: ‘Stop the Cavalry’-FFF24 and Wordle 229


My Fantasy – FFF23

You left and said goodbye
Don’t worry, you assured me
And leave a slice of pizza for me
But lo and behold, you’re stuck in an island
While I’m here, with my self – day and night
Going out of my mind, lost without you
Five objects I’m allowed to send you
A sharp knife so you can use it for cutting
A big box of matches to start a fire
A plastic sheath to keep you dry
A radio to keep you informed

And me, lovingly wrapped with a red bow!


For: ‘Pure Imagination’-FFF23


On a cable car on top of the Alps
I could have said “Hello”
Slow reaction, I’ve to scratch my scalp
On the majestic view with snow

You could have seen me
You could have answered “Hi”
You’d make my day, I’d be full of glee
And I could reach for the sky

And that could be a start of us
Of friendship that might last
Am I such an unfortunate cuss?
I couldn’t help it but to feel downcast

Instead of dreaming here alone
An alternative of “hello” is “goodbye”
I should have a backbone and not moan
I promise next time I won’t be that shy


For: Hello’-FFF22