‘Feeling Good’ – FFF11


I’m feeling good
Woke up in a good mood
Early morning swim with Him
Then in a whirlpool for 15 minutes
Ah! Brilliant! Couldn’t ask for more
The sun’s bright, another gorgeous day
Flowers in the garden, all blooming
Lavenders, petunias, dahlias, hibiscus
We could hear the water trickling down
Our old used mine sort of water feature
Three tortoises happy in their part of the garden
We hardly see and hear them, we know they’re fine
HRH the son and his K are doing well with their Masters
They’ve already found a venue for the wedding next year
Don’t worry, he said, we’re sorting things out
Ah! Looking forward to it and the trip to K’s country
Meanwhile, our niece is getting married next week
We’re going there for a long weekend
Life’s wonderful, everything’s positive
I hope you’re also feeling good and well


For: Feeling Good

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – FFF8 and Wordle 157

Wordle 157 – mess, sharp, open, bridge, aches, bones, sway, rocking, water, limb, sink, twice, stolen

Feeling hot, hot, hot
Got to find a cool spot
In the height of summer
I’m one of the bathers
Just want to be in the water
I can swim, no need for anchor
Cross the bridge to the sea
Like the fish, I’m feeling free
My bones and limbs are aching
Can’t believe I’m already ageing
As I sway and the bridge rocks
Then the geese fly and squawk
Stolen youth, sinking twice
Lessons learned, pay the price
Sharp edges, opening my heart
I really don’t mind having to start
Such a mess, now just want to forget
I like a rosette as I wait for the sunset
Enjoy summer with friends and ice-cream
As I snorkel and swim, life is but a dream
Feeling hot, hot, hot, come on everyone
Take it easy, be cool, let’s all have fun!


‘Hello’ FFF6

2 different stories for “Hello”


Oh love why are you so elusive?
What force of nature made me see you?
Your alabaster face among the crowd
Your eyes shining like diamonds
The way you walk, so elegant
I was going up and you down
On a cable car on top of the Alps
I could have said “Hello”
You could have seen me
You could have answered “Hi”
And that could be a start of us
Of friendship that might last
Instead of dreaming here alone
An alternative of “hello” is “goodbye”


She was just coming out of the shop when she bumped into him.

“Oh hello there!” he greeted her. At first, she didn’t recognize him.

“Oh, hi, how are you?” she remembered who he was.

“I’ve just bought a present for my sister, remember her?”

“Of course, I do. How can I forget her? Is it her birthday?”

“It’s their anniversary, actually… ”

Awkward silence… “anyway, got to dash…”

“OK, bye for now.” And they walked back in different directions.

“How can I forget his sister – she stole my husband,” she mused.