Does a tin of tomatoes count?

Tomatoes are the “prompt” for today and I’m sharing a recipe that uses a tin of tomatoes. I’m sure it’s the same had I use some real tomatoes. Here goes…

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Mechado is like beef stew, Philippine style, in this case, Ladylee’s version.
Ingredients: garlic, onions, beef, carrots, potatoes
Fry garlic and onions with some oil. Add beef and then the carrots and potatoes.
Simmer it.

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Add a tin of tomatoes. Add salt, pepper, soy sauce, lemon, chillis to taste.
Boil and cook until done.

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Serve with rice and a nice bottle of chilled wine.

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Adobo – My Comfort Food

Our national dish
One way to preserve food
When the Spanish first explored the Philippines
They encountered a cooking process that involved stewing with vinegar
The Spanish referred to it as adobo due to its superficial similarity
To the Spanish adobo. The Filipino adobo is an entirely separate method
Of preparing food. And is distinct from the Spanish marinade
We usually use chicken or pork, marinade it with vinegar
Soy sauce, garlic, onions, salt and pepper, bay leaves
Cook the meat until brown, then add the marinade
Simmer until cooked. Served with rice and peas
Also good for picnics and family gatherings
So easy to make and no two adobos are alike

with chicken or pork
to preserve
vinegar, soy sauce, garlic
our national dish

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

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