The Yorkshire Meadow – Challenge 2015 Week 8

The splendour of Yorkshire meadow
Is quite different throughout the year
With a variety of colour and fragrance
Wild daffodils proliferate in spring
Blue bells and yellow primroses
They grow in green hedgerows
The purple and brown heather
Dark blue bilberries and grasses
Growing on thick layers of peat
Red grouse nests on the ground
Chilly springs, temperate summers
Fine autumn weather conditions
Relatively warm winters, too

Take the Challenge – Challenge 2015 Week 6


We have all done something that we regret
Life is not perfect and things don’t always go
The way we like them to behave, sometimes
They transgress and they break the rules
Sometimes we hurt people we love
I know it’s easier said than done but
We have to forgive ourselves for our faults
And our mistakes and it’s time to move on
Accept them, live another dream, dream another life
Start hoping again for that broken hope may mend again
Just give it some time to heal and repair itself
We shouldn’t give up that easily
Life is really astonishing
It’s full of surprises
Life challenges us
Take it!



The Shore That Calls Me Home: Challenge 2015 Week 4


The shore that call us home
Was the title of the poem
By Samuel Hazo in 1949
Makes me think about my life
Every time I go home and meet my
Family, friends and relatives again
After some time when I’m here
And they are there living differently
Yet parallel to each other, there’s this
Nostalgic feeling, of being home again
This land or these islands I miss so much
It doesn’t matter where I am now, and
I’m building a home with my family here
But over there where I used to call home
Full of childhood memories, of school,
Of college, of my first experience at work
First love, first kiss, first of everything
These experiences made me and taught me
They gave me a solid foundation of how
It is to be me, all the trials and errors
They gave me the confidence to try and
Explore different things and I have proved
That I can do it no matter where
So even when I’m happy here
I’d still be a girl with a fringe
I’d always go back to the shore
That calls me home, the Philippines