She moves rhythmically with all her body parts
Her torso, arms, legs and feet always in motion
North and southward, up and down she went
Breathing synchronized with the breaststroke
Butterfly, front crawl, scissors kick, backstroke
Twenty more minutes and she’s done training
Till she turned purple and out of breath
Working as hard as a donkey, she mused
Leaning her arms on the edge of the pool
No nostalgia here, just a small consolation
That one day she’ll reap the reward of her work
Now she’s so feeble even to get out of the pool
Dreaming away as she recovered her strength


For: Literary Lion. By Laura Gabrielle Feasey

Literary Lion – Catch Me If You Can


Catch me if you can
I don’t want to be a dead man

Now you see me, now you don’t
Things I can’t tell you and I won’t

I can make myself disappear
I know, that’s a bit queer

When I don’t want to be there
As long as I have something to wear

When I’m in an awkward situation
I twirled around and I spun

Like when I’m a third wheel
I don’t want him for me to steal

Or when I’ve dug a deep hole
I could fit myself in a cubbyhole

When I’ve done something I shouldn’t
And I could go as far away as a distant

Or I’ve said something that hurt
Like you smell like a Roquefort

Escape to a place where no one can see me
I promise to be very quiet in a back alley

Escape to a world where I feel needed
I’m one of them and in a crowd I blended

Escape to a new planet – hey, that’s cool
As long as there’s a school and a whirlpool

Literary Lion. Catch me if you can.

This Morning – Literary Lion. AM.


Dominic was dreaming of the ocean and the waves when the alarm clock woke him up. It took him another 10 minutes before he stretched his lithe body in bed one more time and got up slickly. He took a quick shower and shaved his day’s stubble. As he looked into the mirror with his still wet receding silver-grey hair and the faded scar on his forehead, his deep grey eyes flickered in delight. His face was illuminated by a smile. He thought about what he’s going to do today and he looks forward to some of them. He was also thinking about Anna and how beautiful she is, like a goddess with her cascading brown hair, her megawatt smile, sweet lips and elegant personality. They all mesmerised Dominic… “Today’s going to be a good day,” he mused to himself.

Literary Lion. AM.

Leave Me Alone – Literary Lion – Space and Whirligig 11

Whirligig 11 – think, sour, thirsty, storm, bath, gossip, speak, razors, bronze, alarming, poem, secret


Leave me alone, I need my space
I don’t want to hear any gossip
As I walk around the room with grace
Don’t want to be the cause of any breakup

Especially sour grapes and anything bad
Keep your secret to yourself or write a poem
Don’t want to add anything to my keypad
I’m sure your poem will be awesome

In a fiction of course, no one knows it’s you
Alarming as it sounds, I’m not thirsty for it
It’s tough how those words could be construed
Let alone if they’re written in Sanskrit

I’m having a long bath, with loofah and razors
To contemplate on what I really like in my life
Hoping some of my questions will have answers
Like about the universe and is there an afterlife?

Storm comes and goes, then calmness will come
Peace at last, I say and speak to myself in sigh
Now I can do anything like wriggle my thumb
Give me my space, I want my life to simplify

Literary Lion. Space.