Love Conquers All


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from Sonnet 65 by William Shakespeare: brass, stone, earth, sea, honey, hold, battering, meditation, forbid, miracle, ink, shine

Oh, Victoria, you are the miracle that was given to me, my world and my universe. You are the peace that consoles me when I meditate. No battering can keep us apart.

Oh Rodolfo, my world shines with you. You are the honey to my tea and the stone or rock that keeps me steady.

But life is cruel. Victoria’s parents forbid her to see Rodolfo again. “He’s not one of us, not made of the same brass as we are. He’s a scum of the earth, coming from that family, our enemy!” Victoria holds her tears.

What happens next?

For: Moral Mondays: “Love Conquers All” by Nortina S. and Whirligig 52 by Magical Mystical Teacher