My Weekly Writing Challenge – knit, sunshine, drunk


Maddy wanted to knit Dave a jumper
She tried and tried but was a failure
Either too big
The size of a pig
Instead she bought a jumper that glitters


Fear not, my sweet one
For it always come, the sun
Cut the vicious line before it spreads
The red threads and all the eggheads
Don’t crease the scheme, might be useful
If you don’t do it now, you won’t be able
The lure of the flood of stream coming
And then looking forward to spring
The fact is, we don’t have to follow any line
It’s up to us to have our own sunshine


Paula eats some piquant cheese with crackers. “Such a beauty,” Arthur sighs, still drunk and then fell off the ladder.

For: My Weekly Writing Challenge by Esther Newton


My Weekly Writing Challenge


Mizzy likes her chocolates
She likes them with nuts
They could be dark
Eats them in the park
And then she’s off to toilets


Have lots of adventure
Alone, with friends or with family
New place, old place, mountains, cottages and the sea
Taking lots of photos and selfies
Could also stay at home
Sun, sea, sand


Tizzy’s eyebrows rise as she breaks the eggs. That’s cheating!

For: My Weekly Writing Challenge by Esther Newton

Nosey Neighbours and Hope


The Smiths just moved in and were greeted by nosey neighbours
They said hellos, answered some questions, all in playful banters
At first it was alright
Some remarks were trite
Then they realised it’s best to keep to themselves and not give answers


We’re nearly there and we have to keep going
Praise the Lord for managing to continue
Look, I could see a glint of assurance at the end
The overgrown garden with herbs is my witness
Hush, don’t feel guilty for not doing other things
As the leaves sway with the winds, be happy
Our sense of woe slowly disappearing
We are compelled to continue until the end
To give us some sort of satisfaction and hope


For: My Weekly Writing Challenge by Esther Newton

Prompt 94 – In your dreams


He dreamed of years that were long gone
With a job, home, family – now all bygone
A vision of hope nestled in his heart
Even though he lives in his pushcart
A period of happiness when he had space
Made a terrible mistake to his disgrace
A home, a house, a bed and not just any floor
He couldn’t help it, he’s now society’s eyesore
To some degree, things that persuade him to stay
He should celebrate, today’s his birthday
If only he could turn back the clocks
He’d do otherwise and not live on sidewalks
For now, let him sleep as you guard him
Sing him a lullaby or a hymn
Nothing could hurt him anymore
Bless him and in his sleep let him snore


For: Prompt 94 – In your dreams



With the missing letter, Melissa went for quirky
Pam’s happy for she can have the triple word for prix
Playing scrabble
Finding the right angle
Aside from great vocabulary, one’s got to be gutsy

Jack and Jill are always competing against each other
They play ball, box and then scrabble as a tiebreaker
They played all night
Both of them bright
We can’t tell them apart, not even each other’s bluffer

For: My Weekly Writing Challenge by Esther Newton