The Ferris Wheel – Photo-Fiction #59


As the Ferris wheel spins
I touch my necklace and grin
Can be good or evil, these jinns

I dance with the stars
Sit down and write my memoir
Sometimes widow shop in a bazaar

Translucent like water drops
Hope they don’t just plop
In the morning great dewdrops

Vapid and empty sentiments
We used to be lovers once
It’s all black in your absence

Stunning pictures in a grid
Don’t come again, God forbid
Or else I’d do something to outdid

Trip to the moon and back
Please don’t ever come back
You’d be hit with a hefty thwack

Seems like a dream this trip
The one you did was such a gyp
You deserve a rip and whip

For: Photo-Fiction #59

From the bridge comes the reflection


From the bridge comes the reflection
Artificial lights and tall trees
Snow on the ground and on branches
The air cools and the crickets sing

Will he be there waiting for me?
From the bridge comes the reflection
Will he be glad to see me back?
Life’s strange but I know I’m back

I’ve been through a lot of journeys
Went through all the seasons of life
From the bridge comes the reflection
But I know I’m coming back home

The lights dance, too by the canal
Welcoming me in open arms
I’ve learned my lessons, hope’s not late
From the bridge comes the reflection*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* A Quatern is a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. It is similar to the Kyrielle and the Retourne. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three, and fourth line of stanza four. A quatern has eight syllables per line. It does not have to be iambic or follow a set rhyme scheme.

line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4

line 5
line 6 (line 1)
line 7
line 8

line 9
line 10
line 11 (line 1)
line 12

line 13
line 14
line 15
line 16 (line 1)

For: Thursday photo prompt – Lights #writephoto by Sue Vincent


Thursday photo prompt – Glimpsed – #writephoto


He glimpsed a figure standing in the shade
A lady in pink and her hair all braid
The wind blew, black hair down her sides cascade
Who was she and why was she in the greyed?
Was she in trouble and needed some aid?
She’s so pretty, he wants to serenade
Was it all a dream as the figure fades?*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Monorhyme

For: Thursday photo prompt – Glimpsed – #writephoto by Sue Vincent


A Walk from Kranzbach to Elmau to Fernchensee Lake

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Last Saturday, we walked from Kranzbach to Elmau Castle and then to Fernchensee Lake. As part of our Pearl Anniversary and Him Indoors’ birthday, we stayed at Das Kranzbach Hotel. This 4-star-superior hotel is located in beautiful forest countryside outside the village of Krün in the Bavarian Alps. This upscale spa retreat set in a 1915 country house with an annex is 16 km from Partnach Gorge and 15.9 km from Bavarian Zugspitze mountain railway. We were given a biggish room on the top floor of Mary Portman house. In the main house, the stylish rooms are furnished in a modern, Arts and Crafts style, and feature free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Annex rooms add balconies and modern pine furnishings. Quirky treehouse and a 1915 gatehouse suites are also available.

our view from our room (we were on the top floor of the main house)

The weather was lovely, so we decided to go for a walk. Because it was raining the day before, we thought it not a good idea to be walking up the mountains, so we opted for a flat walk. From the hotel we walked for half an hour to Elmau Castle Hotel. Built in the early 20th century, Elmau Castle is set in the Bavarian Alps by the Wettersteinwand mountain range. Elmau was originally a castle built in 1916 by philosopher Dr. Johannes Muller for his readers who wanted to enjoy nature, classical music and personal development. In many ways, the hotel continues to embrace the direction of Dr. Muller; there are concerts, world-renowned speakers and authors that frequent the hotel both as guests and lectures. The castle was destroyed by a fire in 2005 and rebuilt and expanded in 2007 by his grandson; the renovation was so detailed and meticulous that it is difficult to tell where the old ends and the new begins.


We carried on walking until we reached Fernchensee Lake, 2 hours later. It was well worth it! The lake is located at an elevation of 1060 metres. Absolutely magnificent. Just pure natural beauty. They have a couple park benches to sit on and I think we took at least a half hour to just sit and enjoy it.


On the way back, we witnessed the Salomon Ultratrail Event. Around 2,200 runners gathered on the base of the Zugspitze to experience a very special trailrun weekend around Germanys highest mountain together. Then it rained on our way back to Kranzbach.


At the hotel, we swam, stayed in the jacuzzi to relax our aching muscles. Have a lovely week everyone!

For: Jo’s Monday walk : a Tale of 3 Churches, Share Your Posts! June 20, 2016 by Jacqueline and Our World: 20 June 2016

With Love and Passion

With love and passion, I adore thee
Like a passion flower, I blossom
In my heart and soul, love you dearly

Like the flowers clinging on the wall
Our love is stronger than people think
Can survive hurricane and rainfall

Live our own way as long as we’re free
Together we can solve our problem
We fight, we make up and we agree

Through the years we’re having such a ball
And we have found ways to be in sync
There is no such thing as a cure-all

For my heart I’m giving you my key
Like a passion flower, I blossom
With love and passion, I adore thee
In my heart and soul, love you dearly

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Tale Weaver Prompt #72: June 16 2016: Passiflora caerulea and Photo prompt #writephoto – pale by Sue Vincent