With Fiery Passion


You are the vessel of desire
Sizzling me with fiery passion
Every breath I take it’s for you
Sharing every tender moments

The nexus between life and death
The owner of my heart, my squire
And from here to eternity
The joy I have in your presence

And when you are gone I am blue
Like the desert, I need the rain
You’re the last piece of my puzzle
I’m sad and lost in your absence

Together we build an empire
With every breath we can go through

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Photo-Fiction #45

Spring Picture It & Write


The Diatelle is a fun, syllable counting form like the etheree with a twist. The syllable structure of the diatelle is as follows: 1/2/3/4/6/8/10/12/10/8/6/4/3/2/1, but unlike an ethere, has a set rhyme pattern of abbcbccaccbcbba. This poetry form may be written on any subject matter and looks best center aligned in a diamond shape. The Diatelle form was created by Bradley Vrooman.

on blessing
and saying thanks
on Easter and spring
when children pulled practical pranks
when you asked them their faces complete blank
what they found on Easter Day gave them such delight
we see new flowers as we ate and drank
birds singing as we shared lamb shanks
happy for what day brings
street of swank
full of zing

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Picture it & Write by Ermilia in Eliabeth

Shattered Dreams

Original image found on Pinterest.

I’ll take you to the moon and back, was the promise
He showed her his world and treated her like an empress
Everything was possible if we keep our heads high
Her dreams came true, she was so happy she could fly
With open mouth, she kept accepting his presents
She was in bliss and didn’t want to end these moments
Until the skeleton in his cupboard was spilled
Her dreams were shattered and unfulfilled
Everything changed, she had to step back
Back to where everything was black


For: Picture it & Write and Wordle 233 by brenda warren




Fear not, my sweet one
For it always come, the sun
Cut the vicious line before it spreads
The red threads and all the eggheads
Don’t crease the scheme, might be useful
If you don’t do it now, you won’t be able
The lure of the flood of stream coming
And then looking forward to spring
The fact is, we don’t have to follow any line
It’s up to us to have our own sunshine

by brenda warren

For: by Ermilia in Eliabeth, Picture it & Write! and Wordle 230 by Brenda Warren

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Here To Win

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Mayor Harold Washington” by Gwendolyn Brooks: mayor, beyond, steps, close, never, forgotten, begin, health, age, enter, senior, adventure


Never forget our dreams
And step into the unknown
A light flickers and gleams
Show them our backbones

Adventure begins here
At any age, senior or junior
We can fight, forget the jeer
We’ll defeat them, we’re better

As long as there’s health
Enter on our own, it’s never close
Like a hungry cat’s silence and stealth
We’re here till the end, that’s the choice

We can always begin
Living beyond the horizon
We’re here to win
And life could be fun

For: Picture it & Write and Whirligig 35

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Chance Picture It & Write


To be or not to be, that’s the question
Do I take it or not, that’s another
What will happen if I don’t?
Will I be given a second chance?
Or will I let my life be the same?
When I could have done something?
Dilemma, more dilemma in our lives
Questions we attempt to answer
Questions coming up every day
Big decisions, small decisions
Sometimes we can tackle them
Other times they are more complicated
We have to weigh the consequences
Contemplate on the pros and the cons
Follow our hearts, instinct and guts
Sometimes we hurt the ones we love
Sometimes we don’t get what we want
Sometimes we fall down several times
And come back on our feet many times
Do we carry on or just give up?
I’d say, carry on even if they hurt
Carry on even if we think we can’t
Carry on even if there are deterrents
We have to be tough and carry on!


In the grand scheme of things, we meander in bliss
Don’t signal me to leave with my horse, I’m a princess
Live with those we need the most, life’s full of roses
With a buzz and a fuzz, we have to take all our chances
Forget the gamblers and saloon girls with their bullets
Write some sonnets, enjoy the chocolates in the banquets
Stop in a cosy spot and keep ourselves warm by firewood
Stay virtuous, you might even be a candidate for sainthood
Tenacity will get us through against dismal thrust of events
Life is full of twists, turns and surprises, live in suspense
I get goose bumps by thinking we’re living at the edge
Sometimes sliding downhill like a journey with a sledge
Life’s such a ball, full of locks, smiths and the whole lot
Open our eyes and believe in faith, fame and whatnot

For: Picture it & Write


Ecce Homo Sculpture Picture It & Write!

UK 033

The last time we were in Coventry Cathedral, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at this sculpture, the Ecce Homo Sculpture. I’ve googled about it and found out it was carved by Sir Jacob Epstein during 1934-5 from Subleco marble and was given to Coventry Cathedral. Ecce Homo represents Christ before Pilate with his hands bound and a crown of thorns upon his head. Jesus Christ was presented to a hostile crowd shortly before his Crucifixion.

The Ecce Homo Sculpture wasn’t as dainty as the other sculptures but it definitely got its own characteristics – strong and determined. I quite like it. Made me think about the sacrifices that our Lord had done for our sins. That He would withstand all the humiliation and pain just to redeem us from our sins.

I think about what the message or sculpture was telling us. That we should be brave enough to withstand any challenge and difficulties. That we shouldn’t just be thinking about ourselves but of the others, too. That we should be grateful for all the blessing that was given to us. Have a nice day everyone and look after yourselves ❤


Blackbird Picture It and Write It! and Wordle 159


In the dead of the night
One can see from its height
Blackbird flaps its wings
It’s been hurt among other things
Its eyes flicker, free, as if to say
When it was hurt, it was an easy prey
Moment to see the light at the end of a tunnel
Time to move on, enough always in a baffle
Arise from a broken life and make it happen
Be brave, it happens only through its own action
As its wings flap downward, feathers mesh together
Finally helping it to fly high and got its own armour

by brenda warren
by brenda warren


O Romeo My Romeo Picture It & Write! and Wordle 147

Treppe zum Bergfried von Altweilnau
Treppe zum Bergfried von Altweilnau

O Romeo my Romeo, where art thou?
Come and pluck me from this routine
Your ability to love as you endow
You are my King, I am your Queen
Grasp and use your invisible cloak
I want to flow freely like a stream
Let’s not suffer from heart broke
With great affection and high esteem
Let’s gather our gutsy feeling
List the varied types of strengths
For it’s not every day we feel amazing
Got to go as far as their lengths
Two bodies become one soul
Pure love and devotion to extol

by brenda warren
by brenda warren


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Picture It & Write


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is it possible for a cure-all?
Tell me what I want to hear
We compare life to a sphere
That I am beautiful and fair
And I wear my hair with flair
That I am whole and not broken
In every game, not lost but always won
That I see the world in my tinted glasses
Always favourable in different matches

Hang on a minute, my dear
I’m not here to cheer but to clear
Don’t disillusion yourself
With variety, life is like a bookshelf
For in this world life’s not fair
You’ve got to see it fair and square
Accept it for what it’s worth
We are all worthy on this earth
And not try to alter as we please
In our minds, we’re all beauties
Not denying what is what
Experience it and not to exit
But accepting things as they are
Not narrow but keep mind ajar