Believe in Dreams


I never believe in dreams
They were just for kids, it seems
Like one of their childish games
But you came and I’m in flames
I’m still smiling with that beam

When I sleep, I dream of you
In the blue sky and you flew
Searching and calling my name
– Believe in dreams

Now I believe in daydreams
Hoping you are my mainstream
And my heart you have inflamed
Dream to be with you I claim
With preference, my eyes gleam
– Believe in dreams

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Rondeau

For: Poetry challenge #39: Sleep walking

Message in a Bottle


Ethereal, placid, meander, forget, silver

With pen and paper, I meander in my thought
Message in a bottle and hope they find it
To my secret love and all the things I jot
Things got to be released to get out of my wit

With my silver pen and a strip of paper
Like putting some apples in a wicker basket
All the deep emotion I come to stir
Answering the why, when, where and what

I can placidly write lists, stories and musing
The stone fell into the water with a soft plop
Waiting for something to happen or bring
I’ll drop it now, don’t make me stop

Instead of forming ethereal dust being untouched
Why not share what’s on my mind before I forget?
I quite like the idea being clutched
I guess I’ll do it coz I don’t want to fret

Everyone does it and what’s the fuss?
In the city where everyone is welcome
Perhaps one day we’ll be together as us
Seize the day or carpe diem

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Poetry challenge #31: Message in a bottle by Jane Dougherty and Nurt Thurs – You are Listening!!

My Old Doll Lynette


Lynette, my old doll in my pram
Covered with jam
She was pretty
Now she’s lonely

Oh, we used to play together
Now I’m older
I left you there
With not one care

I am sorry for leaving you
You see I grew
Got other things
Fun things and flings

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Poem Tryouts: More Abandoning by Margo Roby and Three-Day Midweek by Miz Quickly

Tomorrow’s Endeavour – Poetry Prompt Wednesday #14 and Wordle 191

Wordle 191 – planets, forever, spacecraft, tread, angels, spinning, loser, tangle, say, lunatic, endeavour, spread


Enthusiasm is a vital ingredient
In all human undertaking
Spreading like wild flowers
Tangled up with challenges
Like planets spinning forever
While angels treading inaudibly
And spacecraft hovering around
Let’s not lose hope and be patient
For tomorrow’s the day we wait
Tomorrow’s endeavour will come
Looking forward to tomorrow

(c) ladyleemanila 2015

Regrets I have a Few – Poetry Prompt Wednesday #8 and Wordle 188

by brenda warren
by brenda warren

Moments come, moments go, regrets I have a few
Too few that I won’t bother mentioning them
I could queue or brew but never feel blue
Hope my high spirit doesn’t lead to a mayhem
As I pirouetted and moonwalked across the room
I also fluttered around, overwhelmed by things around
I just do things the way I like them – vroom and zoom
Treat each place like a playground or campground
I was just as resolute in my resolve not to be miserable
That I will appreciate the diminutive things in life
And even if I fail, I don’t mind and just be as graceful
Perhaps my lack of shame is going to get me into strife
Play and laugh with children, don’t neglect them
I decided to remain positive even on cloudy days
To achieve surprise, I’ve learned how to use stratagem
Life is exciting, I’ve learned to be just as amaze
Even when something has been stained and spilled
Or broken, I just have to pick up the pieces and move on
I’m always thrilled, don’t see my life as unfulfilled
I can go on and on, I think it best to comment thereon
Don’t forget, it’s a great, wonderful life we have
It provided me for the rest of my life with a salve


Water, Water, Water! – Poetry Prompt Wednesday #6 and Serendipitous Photo Story Prompt – Wednesday – 2015 #5

For today’s prompt, write a sonnet with a Nature theme.

Water, water, water, I love water everywhere
Seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, streams, pools
We’ll enjoy splashing around, fair and square
Playing in the rain, relaxing in whirlpools


We can drink water, so pure and refreshing
Our body needs water, also when we exercise
Good for our spirit, stops us from ageing
Nice to go sailing, make sure we don’t capsize


Swimming in the sea, that’s my favourite
Watching the sun as it rises and sets
Having a picnic or an elaborate banquet
Did I tell you about my memorable sunsets?


Aquatic life is quite entertaining and fun
Like what we feel when the lottery’s won