Prompt Stomp Week 16

Megan of The Hood hosted this wonderful prompt
Prompt Stomp it’s called and it’s been stomped
Every good things come to an end
It has been highly commended
Thanks Megan, with heavy heart saying it with a tromp

Her heart is hard enough as it is
Her voice softens and opens up
Threading a tremulous quaver
Through its tranquil melody
As she wanders through the city
With all its baroque architecture
Customs and traditions they adhere
She remembers the times in their lives
When they used to wander together
When they were happy and inseparable
But then that love didn’t hold them together
There was something missing she can’t identify
Perhaps forgotten reveries and visualisations
They were not destined to be together

If it’s goodbye
Then let’s do it right
I have no regrets
Thanks for being part of my life
You made me happy, you made me sad
You made me care, you made me cry
Listen, can you hear that?
It’s my heart, smashing into pieces
I know it will take some time
But one day, it will be alright
For now, let us part as friends
And leave some beautiful memories
Look after yourself
One day we’ll meet again….

I am here, you are there
Miles apart, half of the world
We have to cross the seas and lands
We have to endure the storms coming
You are there, so far away, unreachable
I say this, you say that, misunderstanding
Hard to communicate, different opinions
Upsetting one another even not intentionally
Causing pain in the heart and soul, shattering
Over the mountains, through seven seas
Enduring the pain, winter, spring, autumn
Summer comes, is there a flicker of hope?
Can we overcome the hurdles, the storm?
I don’t know, I really don’t know…


For: Prompt Stomp Week 16

Prompt Stomp Week 14

Things that are small


She came second, but acted like the first
She needn’t say a word, now she’s well-versed
Quiet and always with a book, while the siblings dance
They’ve done the lot, but she maintained her resistance
They have a happy childhood, with hundreds of cousins
They played, they swam, they partied and other actions
She got her degree in Chemistry with a loyalty medal
She went to Europe and saw her first snow and castle
There she met someone in the lab and romance bloomed
Six months in the lab and the relationship mushroomed
But got separated because both want to experience more
Then they came back and decided it was forevermore
A son was born and the three played house with a garden
Everything revolved around the son, which was part of a bargain
Until the time came, when the son left and emptied the nest
The couple couldn’t complain, they were happy and blessed
Now back to being two, they’re enjoying being SKIers
Spending Kids Inheritance, by going to different places
Experiencing life to the full while they still can
Ticking their Bucket List in their life span


For: Prompt Stomp Week 14 by Megan

Super Hero


With her curvaceous frame, she’s fighting the evil
Her lacy cloak soaring high with her as she flew
She wants justice and won’t say no to a battle
She could make a difference, she always knew

She spun round, came eye to eye with the enemy
She was once hit by a ricochet in the leg
She won’t baulk down, don’t make her angry
She looks gorgeous, her clothes were off the peg

Areas on the maps were shown and she’s got to save them
People narrowly escaping the floods, thanks to her help
People thanking her, sending her letters, roses and poem
They can’t believe they’re safe, hug each other and yelp

She was miles away, her aura gradually dim and dwindle
Waving goodbye until she was invisible at warp speed
The world is safe again, she’ll be here on the next battle
Until then, we say thanks and we all wish her Godspeed

by brenda warren


For: Prompt Stomp Week 13- Welcome 2016! and Wordle 69 by Brenda Warren


Prompt Stomp- Week 12


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How do you plan on changing/not changing for the New Year?
I think I’ll stick to what I am. I’ve always said I’ll try to lose weight by going to the gym more, eating less, not drinking alcohol, not eating sweets and so on and so. Every year was the same, starting with the good intention, then waning as the year goes on. So for the New Year, I could only hope that I would be able to do so, but no pressure. I’ll do what I can. That’s fair enough, right?

Are you a resolution maker or breaker?
More of a breaker, so I will not have any resolution for the New Year.

Do you have big plans for the New Year? Travel? Moving residences? Addition to the family?
2016 is a great year for us. We’re celebrating our 30 years wedding anniversary – yay! We’re travelling to the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia the whole of February, even though our anniversary is in June. Well, February is a good month for our holiday, as probably we’d have enough of the cold weather here in Bavaria and in the Far East, monsoon season is over. Then, come May is the wedding of HRH the son and his beautiful K in the UK. My relatives all over the world will be able to come – sister from Canada, mother from the Philippines, us from Germany, all their friends from different universities in the UK, Germany and Ireland. Then, in August, we’re doing it again in India, where K comes from originally. Brother-in-law and family from Singapore and the one from York will be able to join us. Really, really looking forward to the New Year!

Big career change?
Not really. I’m happy with what I’m doing, being a freelance English trainer/teacher.

Do you write stories? Poetry? How are your characters/plots changing? Do they make resolutions?
Yes, I write short stories and poetry, but I don’t know if/when/how my characters/plots are changing. I don’t think they make resolutions.

Plan on writing something completely different in 2016 than what you normally write? Give us an excerpt of what you might have planned.
No plan as of yet, we just have to wait and see.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

For: Prompt Stomp- Week 12

Prompt Stomp- Week 11


Is there humour in love?
I just have to ask
Of course, there is
Otherwise, what else is there?
If we cannot laugh together
To the simple things we have
Then why take things seriously?
Laughter is the best medicine
Ask your doctor, he’ll verify
For when I first met you
You made me laugh
And I thought you’re so witty
They’re not slapstick jokes
They’re very clever and fun

Are there reasons in love?
What kind of reasons?
Of why we love each other?
That’s always a mystery
Like two opposite poles
They attract each other
Two different cultures
Different races & likes
Different hobbies
They don’t matter much
Two hearts, one soul
That’s the important thing

I love you for all these
The flowers you plant for me
The meal you cook for me
The places we see together
The experiences we share
The little fights, the make-ups
The arguments, the debates
You’re keeping me on my toes
Of what is important in life
In sickness – we’ve got that
We looked after each other
Even when the other one is miserable
We carried on looking after each one


For: Prompt Stomp and Writing 101, Day 7: Beloved

Prompt Stomp- Week 10 – Vintage

Photographs and memories
Of many moons ago
When ancestors were still here
Telling us stories of what they had
Of histories and struggles
Of freedom and hope
My parents when they were 18
Young love, of faiths and dreams
Our family on our grandparents’ day
Celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
With all the children and grandchildren
A photo with my siblings and our Mom
The youngest not even born yet
And me when I was five, as a queen
One dancing the Hawaiian dance
And one with my Dad pinning my medal

The Captain and the Teacher. He was a Captain of the Ship from a Spanish lineage. Tall, dark and handsome, he always had a pipe on his mouth. She was a short, native Filipina, with big brown eyes, flat nose, and long wavy hair. She was one of the first teachers graduated under the Americans. They met, fell in love and got married. They had many children, my mother being the second to the youngest. They called each other “dear” until the end of their lives. He loved reading; he wrote the meaning of some words at the side of the books he read. She was a good business woman, bought some cloth materials in Quezon and sold them in Marinduque. He died of Parkinson’s disease; she followed after 6 months, perhaps from a broken heart… My grandparents’ story.

Was it love at first sight? Their eyes met at the lobby of the university, both 18. He, a poor but intelligent man whose father died when he was young. She, was born with a silver spoon on her mouth, came from a rich family. Against all odds, they fell in love. She was moved to another college, he pursued her. On her graduation, they eloped. They had two children. Then he erred, she ran back to her parents with her children. He asked for forgiveness, she forgave him. It was a struggle, working and studying at the same time and with family. But he stumbled again. Again and again, she was being hurt over and over again. Until the time came when they have to be apart, and then he passed away. It broke her heart…. My parents’ story.

For: Prompt Stomp- Week 10

Limerick Challenge Week 9: Season

It’s the season to be merry
Christmas market and lights to see
A festive one
So have some fun
Don’t forget to have a shopping spree

It’s Saint Nicholas’ Day today
Filled my shoes with sweets- yea
We have to light the second candle
Second Advent, we’re hopeful
The season to pray and play

Love is all around us, actually
Spread it everywhere with glee
You and me and all
Quite cold, you need a shawl
A season for malt wine and brandy


For: Limerick Challenge and Prompt Stomp Week 8

#SoCS Dec. 5/15 – “miss”


Once again, a laser-guided bomb had missed its target and caused a lot of casualties. The plot thickens. The bombings, retaliations, war on ground and complicated ploys miss the point. We need some diplomatic solutions and hope that one day peace comes to us all.

Hi everyone, peace to all of us! It’s the weekend again and somehow I feel like I’m missing something. My friends decided to have a trip to Barcelona last week and I couldn’t come because of work. I totally missed out on that trip. Next time, guys! It’s been toxic at work. I nearly missed my bus the other day, missed hitting my target and missed meeting an important client – such a mishap!

One thing I won’t miss is Christmas shopping. I’ve been shopping early so I can miss the crowds. Mind you, there’s not a lot to buy, I hope I don’t miss friend D again, but anyway, he’s rich enough, he won’t miss a present. I miss my family and friends all over the world, and the ones who were no longer with us. I miss my Dad most of all.

Oh, by the way, if I have missed your blog out, having promised you a link, please drop me a line and I’ll sort it out. That’s it from me. Have a lovely week everyone!


For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Prompt Stomp Week 6 – Free Association Writing


Leche Flan and Other Sweets

leche flan
leche flan

Leche Flan is my favourite dessert. My brother has this recipe and it’s so yummy! Here it is: 10 egg yolks, 2 cans evaporated milk, 1 can condensed milk, rinds of a lemon. First of all, prepare your tins and caramelised some sugar in them. Just put a couple of spoons of sugar in the tins and in a medium heat keep on stirring until brown caramelised. Put them aside. For the leche flan, put all the ingredients together, slightly stirring it, making sure no air formed. Double sieve it to the tins you have put aside with the caramelised sugar. Steam them until done. Put them in the refrigerator. Best served cold. Enjoy!

And here are some photos of other sweets:

For: Prompt Stomp Week 5 – Sweets and Tasty Thursdays  and Pour Some Sugar on Me