Ronovan Writes Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #46 Think & Fresh

he had some fresh thought
we’re running out of ideas
brilliant we all said

think of lovely thoughts
something fresh that make you glad
being here with us

fresh ideas are
always appreciated so
please go on and think

on this sunny day
I think we should go cycling
worthy of fresh air

asparagus time
buy fresh ones from the market
I think I’ll have some

Ronovan Writes Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #44 Charge & Lovers


they thought they’re in charge
teenage lovers in the dark
now she is pregnant

she said she would call
lover waited and waited
but phone wasn’t charged

lovers had a tiff
charge it to experience
he knows what to say


Ronovan Writes Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #43 Source & Thought


I thought love is all
source of everything on earth
I am right, indeed

think of happy thoughts
when you’re feeling sad, lonely
a source to change mood

a thought for the day
love is the flower of life
never ending source

LOVE – Writing Prompt #99 “Vernalagnia”, Sunday Photo Fiction & How Do You Define Love?

Is there humour in love?
I just have to ask
Of course, there is
Otherwise, what else is there?
If we cannot laugh together
To the simple things we have
Then why take things seriously?
Laughter is the best medicine
Ask your doctor, he’ll verify
For when I first met you
You made me laugh
And I thought you’re so witty
They’re not slapstick jokes
They’re very clever and fun

Are there reasons in love?
What kind of reasons?
Of why we love each other?
That’s always a mystery
Like two opposite poles
They attract each other
Two different cultures
Different races & likes
Different hobbies
They don’t matter much
Two hearts, one soul
That’s the important thing

I love you for all these
The flowers you plant for me
The meal you cook for me
The places we see together
The experiences we share
The little fights, the make-ups
The arguments, the debates
You’re keeping me on my toes
Of what is important in life
In sickness – we’ve got that
We looked after each other
Even when the other one is miserable
We carried on looking after each one
And in health – hooray for that!