Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 #12 – EARLY

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I’m an early morning person
Awake even before the alarm clock
Love to see the sunrise with birds flying
The dewdrops on the leaves are there
Everything seems to be fresh and new
A nice cup of tea is a good start
Especially brewed by Him Indoors
And so with some stretching exercises
I’m up and about, looking forward to it
A refreshing shower is also worth it
Choosing what I’d wear that’s a task
From a wardrobe full of clothes, all sorts
And then a lovely breakfast with toasts
Sometimes with fried rice and beef tapa
Or with bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes
Him Indoors like that British breakfast
On weekdays we go to work, weekends free
So I potter around the house, Him in the garden
Until we say, “Let’s go for a ride” to parks and lakes
On our bike to beer gardens, our favourite sport
Ostpark, Waldwirthschaft, Kügler Alm, English Garden
Always fun riding our bikes, feeding the ducks and swans


The Girl in Yellow – Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015-8 – A Face In The Crowd and Wordle 148


the party was fun, full of tricks
lots of balloons and good news
they were going to increase their wages
and thanked them for all their support
hurray, shouted everyone and partied on
later, they threw the balloons down
to the court yard where children are waiting
I saw your face among the crowd
such a small frame but looks brave
you wanted that balloon but can’t join in
the other children were having such fun
but you still have to sell the wares
in your mind it’s better to be safe
just watch them than fail to sell
siblings are hungry so better get going

by brenda warren
by brenda warren

Water, Water, Water! – Poetry Prompt Wednesday #6 and Serendipitous Photo Story Prompt – Wednesday – 2015 #5

For today’s prompt, write a sonnet with a Nature theme.

Water, water, water, I love water everywhere
Seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, streams, pools
We’ll enjoy splashing around, fair and square
Playing in the rain, relaxing in whirlpools


We can drink water, so pure and refreshing
Our body needs water, also when we exercise
Good for our spirit, stops us from ageing
Nice to go sailing, make sure we don’t capsize


Swimming in the sea, that’s my favourite
Watching the sun as it rises and sets
Having a picnic or an elaborate banquet
Did I tell you about my memorable sunsets?


Aquatic life is quite entertaining and fun
Like what we feel when the lottery’s won


He Arrived Too Soon – Serendipitous Photo Story Prompt – 2015 #4


I must have the shortest pregnancy on earth! I didn’t know that I was pregnant until I was on the third month of pregnancy. We flew to Birmingham that time and I felt really sick, thinking it was the turbulence that did it. Then I realised I was quite delayed, so I thought, get a kit to find out. And I was!

Him Indoor and I were so happy, we thought we’d give up that idea. You see we’ve been married for 7 years already, we’ve been trying to conceive for quite some time. Each month of waiting and getting frustrated was not a good experience. So we’ve decided to just carry on with our lives, accept the fact that it would always be just the two of us. So, we started being active, be members of a gym, cycle around, walk to the mountains, etc. and not think about it.

Of course, we were over the moon when we knew I was pregnant. It was an easy pregnancy, aside from that time on the plane, I didn’t feel bad or sick. I could only remember this great craving for lemon tarts and hated the smell of onions. I carried on with my daily activities – learning German, doing some painting and ceramic courses, having coffee with friends.

I was on my 33rd week of pregnancy. I had a hectic day, was made a model in our painting class because of my round belly (interesting subject, I guess); had lunch with Pam at a Chinese restaurant near the class and in the afternoon, brought home our ceramic “artwork” because it was our last day of the course. Pam said goodbye and I was resting at home. When all of a sudden, my water broke. I quickly rang Him Indoor at the office, his colleague answered and said he was in a seminar. I told the colleague to find him and tell him to come home quickly. I said I think I’m having a baby.

I tried to calm down while water was coming out from me, it wasn’t easy. Him Indoor arrived and we drove to the hospital in our new Rover. Pity the car was full of amniotic fluid, sorry! When we reached the hospital, they quickly put me in an emergency room. They’ve monitored me and the baby. Since the baby was premature, and his lungs were not developed yet, they’ve given me some injection for this and decided to give me a caesarean operation the next day. They’ve monitored me all night.

My cousin came from Dormagen to help. I saw her and Him Indoor that morning. Him Indoor was all worried and pale. I was so cool, perhaps from the anaesthesia and other stuff they’ve been giving me. I was awake all the time that they were operating me and one of the nurses was telling me all the things that they were doing. I felt it when they pulled the baby, I heard his cry and they showed him to me. He was so gorgeous and all pink – at 43 cm and 1.9 kg. They quickly put him in an incubator and I fell asleep.