Off To See The Race


with morning light and grace
woke up and made some tea
wore some lace, cleaned my face
just remembered today’s the grand prix

boiling some eggs at the moment
cell phone rang and it was Anne
she sounded so buoyant
couldn’t keep still as she stands

come and join me watch the race
such boundlessly enthusiastic invite
I tried to sit on my chaise
she’s as high as a kite

next time you ask me for anything
I’ll be with you, she promised
she sings as she swings
so I went but I’m not that fussed

she’s so sure that Mark will be there
Mark races his car with passion and fire
not thinking of the wear and tear
turning and turning in a widening gyre

yearning to see him, that’s for sure
off we went to the races with silken ribbon
saying: “Go, go, go Mark!”
looking forward to seeing her amour
will surely makes her day brighten

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – May 1st 2016 and Wordle 249 May 1 by Brenda Warren

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Shadow of the Past


As I was preening my garden
I saw a shadow of the past
Was that really you, my Dad?
I couldn’t believe I’d see you
Here, of all places, my garden
Lots of things I’d tell you
But then you probably knew
You were watching over us
Still my rock when I’m sad
Comforting me I’m sure
I remembered your kare-kare
Only you could cook that best
Or the sausages with onions
I just cooked it yesterday
I know you’d approved
And of course, the wedding
HRH the son and his beautiful K
Next month they’ll be wed
Mum, sis, bro, cousins and all
Coming from different places
All coming to celebrate
Looking forward to it
I know you’ll be there, too
In spirit and with your blessing
I still miss you, your calls
Your advice, your cooking
Your generosity, your voice
Wish you were still with us

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – April 3rd 2016


A Red Phantom Bus


In the middle of the night
On a full moon, wolves howling
It always gives me a fright
A strange noise beeping

Water dripping, smoke in the air
I count to three and there it is
So eerily quiet in the square
It makes the snake hiss

A red phantom bus
Driving on a crooked road
Definitely red even in blackness
A double decker one with code

Leading to some sort of light
Some pebbles on the street
Oh what a sight
Some more seat

In God’s name, is it real?
Words fail to come
I have to mull
I need a rum

Where will it go? I have to find out
I put my thumb up, it stops
I’m in the red phantom bus
But to where?

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 27th 2016 and Wordle 244 Mar 27 by Brenda Warren

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Listen To That Thunder


Listen to that thunder
Full of rage and fury
Bursting with anger
The sky breaks loose
And I want to flee

Transforming the sky
Objecting to the silence
Upheaval seems to amplify
Like it’s time for a vengeance
And I ask, why me?

The ease of water rolling
Wind blustering like mad
To the flood it’s adding
Going out I’m forbade
Save I want to be drenched

Words failed to come
I want to be somewhere
I was silent and glum
Find a place with no blare
That’s where I want to be

Where flowers blossom
The sun shines bright
The day so awesome
Not giving me a fright
I promise to be good

Presenting me with hope
And other dreams
A day I can cope
So bright it gleams
I’ll take that anytime



For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle 242 Mar 12 by Brenda Warren . Also for: MINIATURE WRITING CHALLENGE #34

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Mommy Duck


We cycled to our favourite park and there they were
Mommy duck and her little brood, endearing as ever
We waited for them to waddle pass us in our spot
Mommy duck followed by her ducklings
Last spring Mommy duck was making a nest
Then she unveiled the nest and out they came
They circled around the pond hoping to find food
Some children threw some bread to them
Otherwise there were grubs in the pond
Ah, such a delight watching them grew
We saw all the changes through the weeks
Next spring the ducklings build their own nests
A taste of the circle of life

20160131: day 31

Happy 2016!! Ready to commit to three-words-a-day for a year?


* Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. choose three out of five.


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – January 31st 2016 and 3 words 20160131: day 31

Team Meeting


The team arrived one by one in the boardroom, had some small talk and the meeting started. They discussed about the recession and how it affected their company. Instead of a quick hit or slap, they now saw and heard a sustained series of blows. Mike stood up and delivered his speech. In the midst of these changes and uncertainties, he knew that his key role is to provide an anchor that can offer some degree of stability. He stated the facts and taking all the risks, they had to fight back. They had to think of some action that will fix this. They spent hours brainstorming and came out of the meeting room all motivated.



For: Sunday Photo Fiction – January 24th 2016 and Wordle 235 Jan 24 by brenda warren

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Wounded and In Tears


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “I’ll Take a Bullet for You” by Juan Felipe Herrera: bullet, heard, weaving, rising, bow, digital, picking, bitten, tears, wounded, odd, greenness

I was wounded and tears in my eyes, I looked for you
In the forest the grass was still wet with dew

I heard a sound weaving through the greenness
“Is that you? Are you hurt? I cried in bleakness

Picking a bow and a bullet, my anxiety was rising
Not knowing what to do, my heart and soul aching

Where are you? Can you hear me? Odd feeling
I carried on even though I’m still bleeding

The silence had bitten deep than the horror
I tried to focus but everything was a blur

For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Whirligig 41 by Magical Mystical Teacher


The Water Ripples in the Breeze

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “A Blessing” by James Wright: twilight, grazing, ripple, loneliness, wet, munching, tufts, falls, delicate, wrist, break, gladly


The circular structure begins in one place, then journeys away from that place, only to (as you may have guessed) circle back to the beginning.

The water ripples in the breeze
Frees gladly the waves and falls
Brawls grazing the delicate wrist
Missed a break from loneliness
Breathless in the twilight of life
Strife in the wet tufts of grass
Glass fizzy dancing with the aqua
The water ripples in the breeze

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – January 3rd 2016 and Whirligig 40 by Magical Mystical Teacher


Sankt Nikolaus


The 6th of December and Ben (8) and Clara (6) were waiting for Sankt Nikolaus to come to their house. There were also 6 children from their neighbourhood. They were promised that Sankt Nikolaus with his angel were coming to give them presents. They were all excited. Ben and Clara’s mother, Sabine had booked a “Sankt Nikolaus and an angel” to make her children and their friends happy. She paid 200 euros for a half an hour appearance and giving of gifts. She also prepared some Christmas cookies which they had baked on the first of December. The first candle for Advent had also been lit.

There was a knock on their door. The children couldn’t contain their excitement. The angel entered first – wearing a cheap paper-made wings, white blouse and black pair of jeans and black trainers. Surely, angels don’t come like this! The children were expecting a serene all-white angel with proper wings, curly hair and beautiful face, instead of this pouting teen-ager. Then, they heard a “ho, ho, ho” from “Sankt Nikolaus” – a thin Sankt Nikolaus, not wearing a red bishop costume and his headgear, but instead a cheap version of Santa Claus outfit. Again, the children were disappointed. Surely, Sankt Nikolaus doesn’t look like this!

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – December 20th 2015

I Love Thee, That’s the Key


Speak to me my beloved
We both already exist
Hand in hand with gloved
To each other we’re being kissed

Our flight together arises
From our files we can do it
I’m feeling the buzz
Moonlight flit, just commit

I beg of you to reconsider
Against the purple horizon
Can we stay as we were?
When the answer is to run?

A bow unravelling into the night
The winding country lanes
We can be free as the kite
And hope always reigns

Farm fringed by the sea
We can continue for a mile
I love thee, that’s the key
For eternity it’s worthwhile

The lovely grassland terrain
What’s visible is our love
And hopefully no more pain
As we see from above, the dove

by brenda warren

For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Whirl 228