Remembering Dad on his birthday

have passed
saw you last
still have tears
the space you left was vast
today we’re remembering you
memories still in our hearts as we grew
had you were here we’d celebrate it with our cheers
we miss your voice, your cooking, that is true
your kindness, your belly, that, too
it could still be a blast
for what was due
love the past
went fast

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of November 14th 2016

Also for: 30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 14, Tell Me Something Good #31


Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of October 24th 2016: The Need of the Moment

Hello everyone! Welcome back, Pia! Glad TGIM is back! Anyway, it’s a cold morning here in Bavaria and I’m just writing this before I have my breakfast and get ready for work. 2 hours one-on-one English conversation with my Serbian Engineer then I go to town to meet my friend for sushi or sashimi. We’ve also made some appointment for facial in the afternoon. Such is life! I love it!

This Thursday, I’m off to Barcelona for 5 days. That’s so cool! I’m meeting my cousins – one from Cologne, and another one coming from Dubai. Looking forward to seeing them again and the sight seeing and tapas and Cava, great! Hopefully, we can go in Sagrada Familia, then walk along La Rambla (I have to buy a shirt from Hard Rock Cafe for HRH the son), see the Gaudi House, Picasso museum, La Guell Park and spend a day trip to Dali museum. Fun, fun, fun!

That’s it from me. Have a lovely week everyone!

For: Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of October 24th 2016: The Need of the Moment

Ten Things of Thankful – The Wedding

Hello everyone! Nice to be back. I’ve got lots of things to be thankful for. Our pride and joy, HRH the son has just married his beautiful K two weeks ago and we had a great time. Families and friends from different parts of the world came to celebrate with us.
Cheers to the newlyweds!

Before that we had a couple of pre-wedding parties

There was a quiet ceremony at the Registry Office

We were lucky with the weather and the venue was wonderful!

The band was brilliant!


Everyone had a smashing time!

There was even a photo booth…


They went to Rome for their “surprise” honeymoon

So here’s wishing the newlyweds all the best in life! Cheers and we love you!

For: Ten Things of Thankful 155 (Virtuously done) #10Thankful by Lizzi, SEASONS – JUNE’S FARMERS MARKET by jesh stg, Gratitude For My Wonder WagonThank God, It’s Monday! — Week of June 6th 2016 and Weekly Smile Week 22 – #weeklysmile. Also for: Jubilant

Thank God, It’s Monday! – Week of May 16th 2016

Happy Monday everyone! It’s a holiday here in Bavaria – Pentecost Monday, so we just got up from a lie-in. Him Indoors is baking some bread for our breakfast. He just handed me a nice cup of tea – bless him!

The weather here is quite conducive to staying in, it has been cold and wet for the last three days. Well, yesterday there was a window of sunshine in the garden, so straight away we were there admiring the garden and listening to the birds singing.

HRH the son skyped us yesterday. They are fine, with his beautiful K. We’re all excited on their coming wedding. My mother’s already in the UK, we’re flying this Friday and my sister and husband from Canada are arriving on Saturday. Friends and other relatives are also arriving before the date. We’re having a very cosy lunch on Saturday for people who will be there already. He said there will be around 150 guests on the reception. It will be held in a charming manor house with its beautiful garden. Can’t wait!

That’s it from me, hope you all have a gorgeous week. Cheers!

For: Thank God, It’s Monday! – Week of May 16th 2016 by Pia Jingco

Ten Things of Thankful 145 (On Cheerfulness) #10Thankful

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great time and that the Easter Bunny has been to your house. Here in Bavaria is a lovely morning. Him Indoors is fixing our bikes so we can cycle somewhere later, perhaps have our first Maß (1 liter of beer). Anyway, here are my ten things of thankful:


Now that it’s nearly over and that my brother is finally getting home on Thursday, I’m telling you his story. My brother is a Chief Engineer on his ship. Unluckily, their ship has got bankrupt since December 2015. They were stranded in a remote island in China. The crew didn’t know what to do, they asked to be paid, or if not, asked to be sent back to the Philippines (well, 21 of them, including my brother). The Philippine Government who’s supposed to help them, didn’t do anything. Or because of bureaucracy and passing responsibilities from one department to the next, no help was given to them. Their families back in the Philippines were also affected, the wives tried to hire some lawyers so they could help them, still nothing. It was getting into desperation and frustration mode, the crew are losing their sanity, they are getting on each other’s nerves instead. What a tragic experience. Imagine, no salaries, no food and no help in the middle of nowhere, like animals being trapped in their cage. Meanwhile the families in the Philippines are also suffering, but they still sent the crew some money for their survival. Still no exit visa given to them. Last Friday, they tried to go on a ferry boat to reach the nearest Philippine Embassy, but the immigration police caught them, put them in detention for three hours, like criminals. 21 of them in one small room. Then they were returned to their ship. For some reason or luck, somehow, they managed to pay for exit visa and plane tickets and they’re off to Shanghai on Tuesday. I’m very grateful for this. Hope they reach their destination safely and no hassle on the way. I’m not that religious but I’m kneeling down and praying. Praise the Lord!


I’m thankful that my niece (my brother’s daughter, see the first story, so this is one of the blessings) is finishing her primary years on Tuesday and she’s Salutatorian in her class. Congrats my pretty niece! Other niece is also graduating from college next month, as well as another niece and nephew from primary years, too. Good luck on your next step and your future!


It was my aunt’s birthday yesterday and they celebrated it with style. My Mother went to her and they celebrated it together with the son and family and other friends. They had dinner and watched Les Miserable. I’m sure my aunt enjoyed her day.


HRH the son and his beautiful K are still in love and the wedding plans are still going and we’re all looking forward to it. Tickets from Canada, Germany and the Philippines were bought, hotels have been booked and the venue has been sorted out. Last weekend they had food tasting in the hotel and they said they were brilliant! Not long now…


I’m thankful that spring has finally arrived here in Bavaria, new buds appearing, the grass turning green, narcissus, crocuses and snowdrops are popping up. Yay for spring!


I had a restful week last week and another week off this coming week for our Easter break. I promise to go to the gym more, eat healthily, walk or cycle more, etc.


Have a Blessed Easter everyone!

For: Ten Things of Thankful 145 (On Cheerfulness) #10Thankful . Also for: Thank God, It’s Monday! -28 March 2016 by Pia Jingco


Thank God, It’s Monday! — The Return

Hello everyone! Glad for the return of TGIM. Hope everyone is fine. We’re OK here in Bavaria, quite sunny today, though still quite cold, but I’m not complaining. Anyway, back to being grateful. Glad that we’re back on our normal routine after a month’s holiday and some jetlag after. Happy that I got a new contract from the lift’s company. That means, another 40 weeks of one-on-one Business English lesson to my Engineer. He needs it as he deals with British and Spanish clients. I’ve also started our once a week English lesson for the seniors in our local community college. Also, our pet tortoises are awake after hibernating since December. Welcome to the world, Gin, Rex and Niki! They’re still indoors as it’s still quite cold to be outside. Once the weather change, they’ll be in the garden. HRH the son and his beautiful K are doing well. The wedding plans are on its way. Can’t wait for their wedding in May in the UK and in August in India. And as for me and Him Indoors, we started again our once a week morning swim with Jacuzzi – yay! That’s it from me. Have a lovely week everyone!


For: Thank God, It’s Monday! — The Return

TGIM – Week of July 20th 2015

From Pia Jingco: How it works: Every Monday I will publish a Thank God, It’s Monday (TGIM) post and invite you to do the same–write about a TGIM insight or experience–on your respective blogs/social media accounts. You may share a link to your post at the comments section; then, on my next Monday’s post, I will include the links that you shared so that we can all encourage one another with our happy vibes! Sounds good?


Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Hope everything was fine. Today’s my little sister’s birthday – yay!!! She lives in Canada with her husband and we spoke to her last Saturday. They had a picnic yesterday. We sent her a present but with the Canadian post, I don’t think she got it yet. Anyway, here’s to you – all the best and enjoy your birthday – cheers!!!

Our friends P and K are visiting us from Leeds. Him Indoors is picking them up from the airport while I tidy up and make their beds. They’re staying for a couple of days. Tonight we’re cooking chicken curry with salad and rice and tomorrow we’ll take them to town. Then, they go to Garmisch.

I’ve just got an email from a friend and she’s offering me another teaching job. She’s leaving for Stuttgart, so she’s passing her classes to me, cool! Thanks, P. Anyway, I’m happy with my classes at the moment, mostly one-on-one Business English during the day or General English in the evenings.

Got to go. Have a lovely week everyone. Love, Ladyleemanila ❤


Life is tons of discipline. Your first discipline is your vocabulary; then your grammar and your punctuation Then, in your exuberance and bounding energy you say you’re going to add to that. Then you add rhyme and meter. And your delight is in that power.
by Robert Frost


TGIM – Week of July 6th 2015

This is my first TGIM. Pia Jingco of Taste & See! posted this: “How it works: Every Monday I will publish a Thank God, It’s Monday (TGIM) post and invite you to do the same–write about a TGIM insight or experience–on your respective blogs/social media accounts. You may share a link to your post at the comments section; then, on my next Monday’s post, I will include the links that you shared so that we can all encourage one another with our happy vibes! Sounds good?”


TGIM – Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for! It has been a month of good news – HRH the son and his K got engaged 2 months ago and last month, they told us that they decided to get married next year in May. We are all pleased. Both of them will be finishing their Masters this year (HRH in September and K in December) and they have been going out for the last three years. We can see how happy they are with each other. They will organise everything – they just want a simple wedding – civil marriage in the Registry Office in the morning and a buffet reception in the evening, no wedding cake, no speeches, no first dance and no fuss – just a party for everyone! My family all over the world (sister in Canada, mother in the Philippines, brother in the UK) will be coming, plus their friends and K’s family. Looking forward to that!

Like you, Him Indoors and I are trying to be healthy. Now that the weather is lovely here in sunny Bavaria, we do a lot of cycling, swimming and walking. We’ve also cut down on sweets, crisps and fatty food. We cook every day and have salad most of the time. I also go to the gym whenever I can and Him Indoors uses our stationary bike and rowing machine.

That’s it from me this week. Cheers everyone and enjoy the rest of your week. Love, Ladylee ❤

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