Last Night – Objects in a Box (#4? 5?)


Just had our chicken and mushroom pie and that was lovely. Him Indoors went upstairs to watch Big Bang Theory and I went to the study to finish a poem that I was working on before dinner. After that, I went upstairs to watch telly with Him. I took the large throw blanket from the couch and made myself cosy and warm. The reclining armchair was really comfortable. Him Indoors was lying down the other couch. We shared a nice bottle of Chablis while watching Sheldon and his mates. I’ve seen that episode, so I wasn’t really concentrating. My eyes wandered around the room and I noticed a small decorative box which I’ve done in one of the hundred courses that I took. It was a paper mache one with colourful flowers. Some board games we played when the son was here were still on the table, the Monopoly money still stacked. I also found a packet of seeds which Him ordered for next year’s planting. I guess more chillies, the hotter the better for Him. After some time, I needed the car muffler as I couldn’t hear what Sheldon and Leonard were saying anymore. Him Indoors was snoring away, typical at this time of the night, so I came prepared. The emotion that night? Cosy, typical night in our house and feeling warm.

For: Objects in a Box (#4? 5?)


One more chance!


He really stepped in it this time. He has to remain in focus, despite the pain in his chest. After the three men left him in this awful state, he has to think fast. He tried to free himself, wanted to scream but couldn’t. He suffered in silence. What a mess he got himself in. This time, the love of his life is also in trouble, if he cannot give them what they wanted.

When he woke up, the pain was gone and he could stand up. He went home, rinsed himself and made himself a pot of tea. They gave him the date when he has to submit what they needed. He has to steer hard right rudder to get out of this trouble. The will to survive this is stronger, especially if it also involved the safety of his lady love. One more chance to live or die.


For: Writing Prompt #179 “Collage 30”, TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #32, Wordle 267 Sep 25 by Brenda Warren

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Thematically Correct?


Down and out they feel when as a happy couple they were crowned
Crowned on a bright sunshine by the poolside and still they’re down
What happen when Angelina Jolie no longer a Pitt, who cares, but
But what will happen to their twin and the other kids and other what
Just when the world think of them with sugar on top, these artists
Artists they may be but they are as normal as you and me, well, just*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* The Mirror Sestet, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem that can be written in one or more stanzas of 6 lines each. The specific guidelines for this form are as follows:

The first word of line 1 rhymes with the last word of line 1.
The first word of line 2 is the last word of line 1
and the last word of line 2 is the 1st word of line 1.

The first word of line 3 rhymes with the last word of line 3.
The first word of line 4 is the last word of line 3
and the last word of line 4 is the 1st word of line 3.

The first word of line 5 rhymes with the last word of line 5.
The first word of line 6 is the last word of line 5
and the last word of line 6 is the 1st word of line 5.

The Mirror Sestet can also be written in non-rhyme.
All rules must be followed except there is no 1st and last word rhyming.

For: Thematically Correct?


Are You Sure? There’s a Lot of Mud.


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Shoe Jazz Blue Jazz” by Nikki Giovanni: green, blue, red, shoes, loose, pants, dining, ants, good, news, miles, whining

Are you sure? There’s a lot of mud. There’s still few more miles to go, don’t want my new red shoes to be muddy. My, my loose blue pants are already wet! complained his little sister.

Stop whining! A thick ghost of smoke over there and we can avoid it by going this way. That was Jack, determined in his way.

Ouch, ouch! The ants are dining on me!

Don’t be such a wimp! You’re bigger than them.

Take that, you greedy ants! As she stepped on them.

Good news! See that green fence over there, that’s Mary’s house. We’ve made it!

She’s better be worth it, or I tell Mum!

For: TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #9 and Whirligig 55 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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The Day the Earth Tilted on Its Axis

Into each life a little dramatic change must fall. Whether it is a common occurrence, or a unique experience known only to you, relate a story—factual or fictional—about how your world (or another person’s), or your attitude/perspective of the world/life changed because of a dramatic event or particular experience.


She was such a lovely girl
The first baby in the house
The first daughter, the first niece
The first granddaughter of my Mom
She was our little star on stage
She could sing, dance and perform
She was a darling of everyone
We could still hear her laughter
We could remember her plans
Not even 21 when she left us
Words couldn’t express our loss

Remembering Jessamine
The day she left us broke our hearts
We remembered her poems, paintings and arts
Each one of us has a different way to mourn
We all love her from the day she was born
Different ways of coping and of remembering
What ties us all is the love for her, our darling
That she was still here singing and dancing
All the things she did were entertaining
That the years never really mattered

As the flames leapt skyward
Farewell our Jessamine, farewell
We closed our eyes and sighed
Gone but not disremembered
Her memories lingered on
The happiness she gave us
In that brief time she was here
We’d treasure every moment
Perhaps she left some gift
Legacy of faith, love and fun
Life is short and must use it well
Rest in peace, our darling Jessamine

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: The Day the Earth Tilted on Its Axis


Now One Of Us Has To Tell Mary


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “How to Clean an Oil-Slicked Penguin” by Andrew Gent: penguin, beak, wings, loosen, remains, stone, preening, reclaiming, thanks, bite, scratch, survive

We were arguing, me and my brother
Of who’s the best or the worst among us
And that turned into a pillow fight
Squabbling, biting and rolling like mad
Until we heard a crash, what was that?
Oh the penguin, its beak was broken
We thought it was just a scratch
A bit of glue and we can reclaim it
Now one of us has to tell Mary
Remain calm if we want to survive
She’ll be livid, we know that
Perhaps if we preen it well
Hide it behind the stones
Thank our stars, we’re clever
Keep our fingers crossed
Hope Mary doesn’t find out
Here she comes…. Hide!

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #7 and Whirligig 53 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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I Can Sing a Rainbow


I can sing a rainbow
Woke up, sun’s bright yellow
Happy to start the day
Swam in a blue pool
Splashing in the Jacuzzi
Ah! heavenly white foam
Went to the market
And bought all my greens
Not to forget my red meat
Silver fish, orange shrimps
Blue stilton cheese and crackers
Met my friend for lunch
I wore blue jeans and black shirt
Had green tea and wanton soup
Chocolate and strawberry ice-cream
We chatted about our colourful lives
Went back on my bike, lost my purple cap
Oh well, I can still sing a rainbow
Have a lovely day everyone!

For: Color Outside the Lines (of Words)


My Soul Demands It


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Going Out to the Garden” by Alice Walker: morning, seeds, fiery, reeling, spray, hose, crevices, stones, squirt, bathed, troubles, ask

Bathed in silhouette
A wind-blown lunette
A morning’s walk
With my cat at the bach
In crevices and stones
Feel the chill in my bones
Spraying with the hose
As the wind gently blows
Squirting with the mist
With nature I coexist
Not asking for troubles
Talking with my angels
Not fiery, just peaceful
Start the day being grateful

For: TBP’s On-line Writer’s Guild #3, Photo Challenge# 103 and Whirligig 48 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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The Ship in a Mist


A backdrop to the ship’s arrival
The brilliant scarlet sky
Jumping for joy in a mist
Bells ringing in my dream
Running as we sail
Touching the cross
Enough said
Just kiss


For: Picture Prompt #49 – and another milestone (Happy 1st anniversary of wrting prompts!) and Wordle 240 Feb 28 by Brenda Warren

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