The Great Book of lists, chapter 5.1 : People who inspired you

It’s not about Dedcartes, Churchill, Coelho ou any other inspiring thinkers, whose quotes flourish the internet and the social networks.

No, this week is about a list of real people, unknown (or almost) to the world who had a real impact on our life.

Sometimes, just a little thing, a park, a teacher’s precepts, a piece of advice from a friend, you surely had such encounters in your life,  or people who did little but changed the face of your world.

So much gratitude an so many memories for these little but so significant inspirations

Here is my list of people who have inspired me :

Him Indoors – his sense of humour is to die for. I love him to the moon and back and he inspires me to reach the highest star, climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea.

My Dad – his high regard of responsibility, generosity and kindness inspired me. I still miss him.

My Mum – her fun and closeness to family makes me love her more. Wish she’ll be with us for many years more.

HRH the son – ah, our pride and joy. His being so cool and takes his own time inspires me.

Jose Rizal – our national hero. His novels and the way he inspired people to fight for freedom is number one on my list.

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TGBOL, chapter 5.0 : I am currently…

I am currently…

READING Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. I have just ordered Shame by Jasvinder Sanghere – I’m planning to read that next.

RELAXING because it’s Ascension Day, a holiday here in Germany. It’s also Father’s Day.

ENJOYING THE DAY the sun is out, blossoms everywhere, birds singing and my washing’s out to dry. We might cycle to the park later on. The weather forecast for the next 3 days is good.

DRINKING water, tea and coffee all morning, just had a scrumptious brunch with Him Indoors.

BLOGGING, commenting, reading other’s posts and checking which challenge I can do.

LISTENING TO some classical music and opera while I’m blogging. Also listening to Him Indoors while he plays the piano, “I’ll be seeing you.”

LOOKING FORWARD to this long weekend as tomorrow’s a bridging day and we’ve decided to go swimming in the morning and probably go to town for lunch. Also looking forward to flying to Britain in two weeks’ time for HRH the son’s wedding to his beautiful K.

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TGBOL, Chapter 4.1 : Groceries


wandering around the shop
going through my list for the week
for breakfast, we need milk, coffee, tea,
baguette, butter, oats or cereals
lunch will just be some sort of snacks
bread, asparagus, tomatoes, mozzarella,
cucumber, onions, lettuce, carrots, apples
plums, pomegranate, mangoes, oranges
this week we’re cooking spaghetti bolognaise
we need minced meat, spaghetti, tomato sauce
for adobo, we need chicken or pork, garlic, soy sauce,
vinegar, perhaps rice and green beans or peas
I’d like to make some soup, so we need some
tomatoes, onions, squash, zuchinni and other veg
homemade pizza, why not? hence some dough plus
the ingredients we want – salami, mozzarella,
tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, ruccola, peppers
steak and chips, that’s Him Indoors favourite
we need some nice pieces of steak and potatoes
other supplies – milk, wine, beer, water, crisps,
detergents, washing up liquid, loo and kitchen rolls
not forgetting the tortoises’ food – lots of lettuce!

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

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TBBOL Chapter 4.0 : Hobbies !


My hobbies:
1. Blogging – loving it! First thing in the morning, I check my emails then answer all the comments on my blogs. I love blogging, writing some fiction, poetry and non-fiction, posting some photos, reading, liking and commenting on other bloggers’ work. Blogging community is amazing!
2. Reading – I read a lot! from romance, thriller, horror, comedy, autobiographies, etc. I seem to have books all over the house, reading them during the day. And my kindle must have around 300 books and I take it on holidays.
3. Cycling – with Him Indoors, our Sunday cycling to the beer gardens and parks. Our favourite place is Ostpark where there’s a lake with three fountain, just hanging around there and watching the ducks, geese, swans, model boats, people eating and drinking.
4. Swimming – with Him Indoors on Thursday mornings, before he goes to work and me, before I do other things. We’re part of early swimmers, half an hour swim then ten minutes in the Jacuzzi – a lovely way to start our day.
5. Shopping – till I drop! I love shopping, feeling the materials, fitting dresses, trying them on, looking at the mirrors, retail therapy some people call it. I love it! I go with my friend, then we have lunch or coffee afterwards.
6. Travelling – love seeing new and exciting places. With Him Indoors, we have been to different parts of the world, with their own cultures and traditions and sense of fun.

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The Great Book of lists chapter 3.1 : A party of choice

I’m going to have a dinner party and these are the people I’m planning to invite:

Beethoven and Mozart – they will provide the music, alternately, complete with orchestra or string quartet

Jamie Oliver and my Dad – Jamie will cook our five-course meal, while my Dad will be the sous-chef. My Dad would love that!

Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Ninoy Aquino – would be great to have them discuss about freedom, democracy and how to be patient

William Shakespeare and Jane Austen – William will write me a sonnet while Jane and I talk about our Mr. Darcy

Morecambe and Wise – they’ll provide the comic double act

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