Harrowing, adjective: acutely distressing.

Imperfect, adjective: not perfect; faulty or incomplete.

Lame, adjective: (of a person or animal) unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot, (of an explanation or excuse) unconvincingly feeble, (of something intended to be entertaining) uninspiring and dull, (of a person) naive or inept, especially socially.

“Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire”
That’s from Patti Smith – openly or surreptitiously
A gentleman or a scoundrel, unemployed or an esquire
He could be imperfect as long as he makes her crazy
Lame excuse to have an affair, but life is too short
Might have a harrowing experience because of it
Why would convention this relationship thwart?
Mind blowing ecstasy and thrilling she must admit


For: Just Jot It January 20th – Surreptitiously, Three Word Wednesday and Writing Prompt #142 “Collage 15″ Collage 15

jjj-2016 3wordwednesday

The Grill – Three Word Wednesday

Clean, adjective: washed, scrubbed, cleansed, cleaned; spotless, unsoiled, unstained, unsullied, unblemished, immaculate, pristine, dirt-free; hygienic, sanitary, disinfected, sterilized, sterile, aseptic, decontaminated; laundered; informal squeaky clean, as clean as a whistle; blank, empty, clear, plain; unused, new, pristine, fresh, unmarked; pure, clear, fresh, crisp, refreshing; unpolluted, uncontaminated; virtuous, good, upright, upstanding; honorable, respectable, reputable, decent, righteous, moral, exemplary; innocent, pure, chaste.

Fleshy, adjective: plump, chubby, portly, fat, obese, overweight, stout, corpulent, full-figured, heavyset, paunchy, well padded, well covered, well upholstered, rotund; tubby, pudgy, beefy, porky, roly-poly, blubbery, corn-fed.

Pierce, verb: penetrate, puncture, perforate, prick, lance; stab, spike, stick, impale, transfix, bore through, drill through; hurt, wound, pain, sting, sear, grieve, distress, upset, trouble, harrow, afflict; affect, move.

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one lovely warm day
clean the garden, prepare grill
fresh salad, chilled beer
fleshy meat, marinated
pierced with a skewer, kebab

a moment in time
not a cloud in the sky
together we talk
of work, of life, of children
sharing life experiences

Three Word Wednesday Week No. 420 and 3 Words Day 121- Her Flawless Face


One such glorious day
Though it’s a chilly mayday
The wind swept her feet
Out on the street for a treat
It caresses her flawless face
Petite body moves with such grace
Tough sustaining its maintenance
Discover all the right balance
She has to eat the right food
Lots of vegetables and seafood
Have enough hours of sleep
Don’t hurt her so she won’t weep
Not stress herself with menial stuff
Like dandruff, handcuff and earmuff

Chilly, adjective: uncomfortably cool or cold; (of a person) feeling cold; unfriendly.

Glorious, adjective: having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration; having a striking beauty or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration.

Petite, adjective: (of a woman) having a small and attractively dainty build; small, dainty, diminutive, slight, little, tiny, elfin, delicate, small-boned.

20150501: day 121
Happy 2015!! Ready to commit to three-words-a-day for a year?


Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. choose three out of five.

Three Words Wednesday #419 and Heeding Haiku With HA: Be Inspired # 2

Annoyed, adjective: slightly angry; irritated.

Hushed, adjective: having a calm and still silence; (of a voice or conversation) quiet and serious.

Pain, noun: physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury; mental suffering or distress; [informal] an annoying or tedious person or thing; verb: cause mental or physical pain to.

Hush, leave me alone
Annoying and piercing sound
Causing me some pain

My world is different from yours
Mine is black and frightening

Adya – Three Word Wednesday #411

Good timing
Adya was perfect
What we need for the project
She needs to agree

She’s Adya
A girl from Kolkata
Here’s a deal
For the film
Amicable agreement
That is all to it

So we start
Shooting the project
What a star
Glad to film
We found a rough diamond
We’re all satisfied

Adya’s unrefined manners, her boisterous character and her “don’t mess with me” attitude was perfect for the character role they were planning to make in Kolkata. They were thinking of doing something like the “Slumdog Millionaire” sort of film and they were in the process of recruiting casts. Since Adya was still a minor, Director Smith was talking to her father. They should have an amicable agreement for him to allow his daughter to be in the cast. It was going well, until one frivolous remark made by Director Smith, and the whole deal was off.