Tues Truthiness: Home as a Person

home is happy
home is cosy
home is warm
home doesn’t regret
home doesn’t mind sharing
home grows with love

it doesn’t matter
where or what is home
home is with Him Indoors
and HRH the son
our three tortoises
our flowers in the grden
things we share
experience and memories
I love our home!


For: Tues Truthiness

Philippines, My Philippines – Tues Truthiness: My Country ’tis of Thee

Philippines, my Philippines
I’ve known you for years
You gave me fond memories
Of my childhood and early days
I left you when I was 23
To see the other side of the world
It doesn’t matter how far I reached
I’ll always be coming back to you
To admire your beauty and warmth
To see our diverse 7,100 islands
It’s more fun in the Philippines
There’s no place like home!

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For: Tues Truthiness