Tadhana ng Buhay


Que sera sera, kahit ano ang magiging, ay magiging
Iyan ay ang palagi kong iniisip
Anuman ang aking tinanim, isang araw ang binhing ito ay lalaki
Isipin ang paraan upang harapin ang sitwasyong ito
Sa kalaunan, makikita natin ang mga bulaklak na bumunga
Depende sa atin o tadhana na ang buhay ay sumaya
Kung ano man ang gusto ko, kailangan kong abutin ito
Pasalamat ako sa aking pamilya at pangako ko
Ang ilog ay dumadaloy , ang araw ay sumikat at lumubog
Ipagdiwang sa pamamagitan ng pagsasayaw
Sa pagsasaka, ang dumi ay napakahalaga
Ang mga pagsubok ng buhay ay nanatiling pare-pareho
Para sa paglaki ng mga buto ng mais isang araw
Ito ay tulad ng pag-iisip at pagsulat ng isang sanaysay
O ang puno na magkaroon ng ubas sa taglagas
Ang pinakamahalagang bagay ay kalayaan


Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be
That’s how I always think it will be
Whatever I sow, one day this seed will grow
Figure out the way to deal with the status quo
Later, there’ll be some sprouts and flowers come
It’s up to me to make life brilliant or awesome
If I want something, I need to reach out for it
Glad I’ve got a close-knit family and I commit
The river flows, the sun rises and sets
Let’s celebrate by dancing a minuet
In farming, dungs are very important
The trials of life remained a constant
For the seeds to grow corns one day
It’s like thinking and writing an essay
Or vines to have grapes in autumn
The most important thing is freedom

(c) ladyleemanila 2016



arabesque pose, Aisha is really good with that!
branch manager is her Dad’s job
complex world we live in
deadfall and the twitch-up snare to be sure
error always happens, I make a lot of that!
flash all over the news
gristle and meat stuck in his teeth as he smiles
hard not to laugh hee hee hee ha ha ha
itsy bitsy tinee winee yellow polka dot bikini
jaundice was the son when he was born
kookaburra’s raucous laughter seems to mock
lachesism is not something I wish to happen
mud flood I don’t give a thud
numb I become when I don’t move an inch
obey me today, you say no way Jose
pulse is racing when I get excited
quill driver I hope to be one day
rough as toast as could ever be
saliva from the dog as he licked me
trembling with excitement and anxiety
upturned tubs and all flowers were thrown about
verse one, chapter one and I can’t wait to read
wistful thinking if I can finish it in one sitting
Xerarch that’s a new word for me
yield afield as I shield the unrevealed
zigzag course when chased by predators

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


Yugto ng Buhay

Walang mga bituin sa gabi
Akala ko ikaw ay aking kabalyero
Walang masuyong humahalik sa aking pisngi
Puro lang mga kritika
Walang paglalakad sa hapon
Kahit man lang sa space lumakad
Walang mga bulaklak sa hardin
Gusto ko lang tumakbo
Ilan lang sa mga yugto ko sa aking buhay
Maraming yugto ng mga pagtatalo,
Walang kabilugan ng buwan upang panoorin
Puro lamang ang iyong segundometro
Walang magandang bote ng alak
Namimiss ko ang ating pagkain sa labas
Pakikipag-usap tungkol sa mga bagay
Karaniwang sa mga tao sa mundo
Walang halik kapag dumating ako sa bahay
Paalam, paalam !
Walang nagnanakaw ng aking pritong patatas
Pinapa-iyak mo ako
Ang ating pag-aaway ‘
Kailangan ko ang aking panyo
Nakapagbitaw tayo ng mga bagay na hindi dapat
Para sa aking pagkakasala kailangan ko ng pampalubag
Alam naman natin na ito ay masama
Ano pa ang maaari kong idagdag?
Ngunit natutunan natin ang ating mga aralin
Parola o lakas natin ang isat-isa
Oras na para sa muling pagkakasundo
At tangkilikin ang araw


No stars in the night
I thought you were my knight
No breeze to caress my cheeks
Just some awful critiques
No afternoon walks
Not doing any spacewalk
No flowers in the garden
I just want to run
Just some chapters in my life
Quite a lot of strifes
No full moon to watch
Just your stopwatch
No nice bottle of wine
I miss our fine dine
Talking about things
Typical of earthlings
No kisses when I come home
Shalom, shalom!
No one stealing my fries
You make me cry
No more lovers’ tiff
I need my kerchief
We said things we shouldn’t have
For my guilt I need a salve
We knew it was bad
What else can I add?
But we have learned our lessons
We are each other’s beacon
Time for reconciliation
And enjoy the sun

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


The past is the past
We can’t bring it back again
Concentrate on now
Where you can still change it
There’s still tomorrow to glimpse

I love tomorrow
The day is clear and pleasant
Ready for challenge
To anything that will come
Just think positive and be calm

Today’s also fresh
Mistakes from past teach us lots
We’re knowledgeable
Can get pleasure from today
Let’s laugh, learn and have some fun

When was the last time I feel refreshed?
So active, so energized and rejuvenated
Like a new flower coming out in spring
The splash of fresh water from the ocean

I think it’s all in the mind
I’ve got to think it to believe it
That life is wonderful and fun
And I have a reason to get up

Let’s not forget our body
We’ve got to keep it active
Zumba and latin, I love them all
Going to the gym once in a while

Looking forward to something
A holiday, a new book or a concert
These are some of the things
They make day-to-day life exciting

flowers 001
The future is completely open and
We are writing it moment to moment
Each day is like a blank page letting us
Fill it in as we get on with life, so really it’s
How we look at it, be it a mystery, a suspense,
A thriller, a love story, or just a mundane normal day
Whatever it is, make it your own, be in control of your day
And your future for what its worth, be brave, think positive and
Be happy, set your priorities, and count your blessing, for life is cool
And wonderful and the future is always in our own hands. Good luck!


Kaluluwang Dalisay


Ang bawat isa ay may isang bagay sa kanila
Isang kasanayan, isang katangian , na natatangi
Pinararangalan natin ang mga kaluluwa napakadalisay

Maaari nating basahin, maaari nating hangaan
Sa isang biblioteka ng mga kaluluwa
Ang bawat isa ay may isang bagay sa kanila

Palayain ang espiritu , ilibre ang mga kaluluwa
Gumagala sa paligid sa mundong ito
Isang kasanayan, isang katangian , na natatangi

Hayaan ang mga ito na mananatiling dalisay
Huwag bumigay sa masasamang gawa
Pinararangalan natin ang mga kaluluwa napakadalisay

figure in ash storm

Each one has something in them
A skill, a trait, that’s unique
We honour the souls so pure

We can read, we can admire
In a library of souls
Each one has something in them

Free the spirit, free the souls
Roaming around in this world
A skill, a trait, that’s unique

Let them remain untainted
Don’t give in to evil deeds
We honour the souls so pure

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

Aking Makisig

Nanlamig ako sa simoy ng hangin. Sa bukas na bintana, lumapit siya sa akin. Matang nagniningning, makisig at mataas, hinalikan niya ako. Pakiramdam ko ay para akong nasa paraiso! Ang kanyang amoy maihahambing sa isang olspays. At naisip ko, wow, anong ganda. Maikli at matamis, ngunit napakatindi, tulad ng nasusunog sa isang siga. Alam ng Diyos kung bakit, ngunit sa palagay ko ako ay ngumiyaw na parang pusa. Isang mabilis na tibok at lumakas ang pandama, ako ay napunta sa ibang mundo.

O ang personal kong samurai, ang aking masasandalan – hinahalikan niya ako habang sinasabi ang pangalan ko. Kumapit ako sa kanyang mga braso at ako ay para paring nag-aalab. Daan-daang mga isda sa dagat, pinili niya ako. Para akong lumilipad, pakiramdam ko ay napaka liwanag, tulad ng isang saranggola sa kalangitan. Nanghihina ang aking tuhod at parang tumatalbog. Anong ginawa niya sa akin? Ang lahat bang ito ay isang panaginip? Kung ito nga, ayoko nang magising.

Umaasa ako na ito ay hindi isang laro lamang. Pangako ko na maging mabuti at hindi ko siya sisipain sa aking pinto. Masarap ang halik at umaasa ako na manatiling kami magpakailan man. Sana siya na nga. Ang aking makisig na lalaki.


The breeze made me shiver. With the open window, he approached me. Eyes shining, glossing over, he kissed me. I was in paradise! His scents comparable to an allspice. And I thought, wow, that was so nice. Short and sweet, but so intense, like being in a pyre. God knows why, but I think I even purred like a cat. A fast pulse and heightened senses, I was transformed to a different world.

Oh my personal samurai, my anchor and he’s kissing me. Kept me alive, kept saying my name. I hold onto his arms and I was still aflame. Hundreds of fish in the sea, he chose me. I could fly, feeling ever so light and high, like a kite in the sky. Felt weak on my knees and at the same time bouncy. What has he done to me? Was it all a dream? If it was, I don’t want to wake up.

I just hope it wasn’t just a game. I promise to be good and won’t kick him out my door. I love that kiss and I hope there’s a forevermore. I hope he’s the one. My dashing man!

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Word-High July: Makisig

Ihip ng Amihan


Sa ihip ng amihan
Ang prinsesa ay mag-isa
Sa ilalim ng puno

Isang lugar na kalmado
Ang dahon ng palma ay sumasayaw
Ang kamelyo huminto sa pag-inom

Ang barko sa malayo
Abot-tanaw ang yelo
Nakita ko isang bahaghari

Ang dilaw na binhi
Nag-aalok sa banal na lugar
Isang bulong na panalangin


One warm summer breeze
A princess sat on her own
Under a willow

Oasis of calm
As leaves of palm trees swaying
Camels stop to drink

Vista of cruise ship
With snow on the horizon
I see a rainbow

The yellow rapeseed
Offers them to the shrine
A whispered prayer

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Word-High July: Amihan and Wind & Kisses