Delicious Suman – Word Snap Weekly

I found this picture from Google and I thought I’ll write about one of our Filipino delicacies – suman! It is a rice cake made of glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and often steamed wrapped with buri palm leaves or banana leaves. Usually we have them for fiestas or for meriendas. As you can see from the picture, everyone is involved in making it and it’s fun making it, too. I am looking forward to eating it when I’m in the Philippines. I’m flying home tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait to be there. So excited to be home again, see my mother, friends and relatives, as well as classmates and colleagues.

There are different varieties of suman – suman sa ibus, binuo, suman sa inantala, sumang kamoteng kahoy, suman sa lihiya and suman cassava. The way we wrap them is a unique art in itself and can be traced to pre-colonial roots which have had contact with Indian traditions. Wrappers utilise a wide variety of indigenous materials such as palm, banana, anahaw and bamboo leaves. Some wrappings are simple folds such as those found in the binuo and the kamoteng kahoy, resulting in rectangular suman. Others are in vertical coils like the inantala, giving it a tubular form. Still others are in pyramid-like shapes, like the balisungsong. Some forms of suman are eaten like ice cream–with cones made from banana leaves, and still others are in very complex geometric patterns like the pusu (“heart”). Some are woven into the shape of a banana blossom (which in the Philippines is referred to as the banana plant’s “heart”), or the pinagi (from the word pagi, a complex octahedral star).

I’m Goldilocks with Choices, Choices!!!

This post is for Daily Prompt
(Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”)
and Word Snap Weekly (Choices, Choices)


Choices, choices, lots of choices
Going to the market is always fun
Fun to pick the fruit and vegetable I want
Will I go for mangoes or water melons?
Will there be aubergines or okras?
Will I choose the ones in season?
Or the ones I think are exotic?
What are exotic in the first place?
How about meat – chicken or pork?
Fish – big or small, salted or smoked?
And the seafood – prawns or octopus?
Choices, choices, lots of choices
How much will I pay for them?
Will they be expensive or cheap?
I know a bargain when I see one
I’m used to bartering from an early age
I always ask them to lower the price
Or give me some sort of a discount
When I buy one or two from their stall
It all has to do with negotiation skill
Now I’ve got what I came here for
I’m going home and start cooking

Hello, Goldilocks!


I Can’t Wait To See My Mom – Word Snap Weekly

I can’t wait to see my Mom
In three week’s time, I’m home
To my roots, the Philippines
Where my Mom is waiting
And so are our friends and relatives
We’ll have a big party for everyone
With pancit, bangus, adobo and sinigang
Plus of course, leche flan, ube and suman
We might even hire a band to sing and dance
Can’t wait for it to happen
I’ve got everything planned and booked
We’re going to Hundred Islands for 3 days
Hope we see all the islands in that time
We’ll be island hopping, snorkeling, swimming
Then my Mom and I will go to Puerto Galera
Another island just the two of us, we’ll be pampered
Massaged, manicured and pedicured, plus picnics, too
Then we come back we’ll take my aunt and others
To Las Casas Bataan in one of their old houses
Something cultural, need to know our heritage
After that is time with my friends, to Hidden Valley
And Calatagan where we will have the time of our lives
And so with just two weeks of stay, I’m fully booked
And why not, it’s only once a year I see my Mom
We’ve got to make the most of it! Cheers everyone!

Word Snap Weekly – Spring is Here


Spring is here
Birds fly from there to here
Winter saying its goodbye
What a relief I say with a sigh
The sun beats down like a cascade of heat
To be out and about oh what a treat
Crocuses bloom to the winter chill
It won’t be long when we can have a grill
So enjoy this beautiful day today
You never know tomorrow may be grey


The Back Garden of Snow

back garden

The back garden of snow
I stood with arms akimbo
And cried while enjoying the ride
I might as well have my hair dyed
What else can I do while I’m in?
Stop me from having a double chin
Do some yoga, and down a few
Probably more than I can chew
Bake a cake; I’m sure it’s yummy
Would go with a nice cup of tea

Have a nice day everyone!

Ode to Magic Dragon – Word Snap Weekly

magic dragon

Ode to Magic Dragon

O hail o miniature magic dragon
Seeing you is like being in heaven
You’re so healthy and vigorous climber
Always seems to be a gentle spreader

A gorgeous beauty to take a look at
Red-pompon like flowers in habitat
Like a soft whisper caressed by the wind
Blooming throughout the season like whirlwind

This is my poem of adoration
Appreciating your splendour and fun
My heart is full of your magnificence
I’m quite being humbled by your presence