Monday Motivations – Treasure


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Morning” by Kristen Case: breathing, against, birds, impossible, skull, bricks, coffee, unfolds, comes, sleeping, white, probability

The day unfolded quietly as I drank my coffee. I had a good night’s sleep for the first time after a long time. That was a good start. I sat in the garden, listened to the birds singing. I put the tortoises out and gave them some dandelions. I checked my emails and answered some of them. That was my morning.

At lunch time, I was cooking my lunch, when the doorbell rang. Ah, the postman came with a parcel, he was probably delivering the ones we’ve ordered recently. I signed the papers when suddenly the door shut. Oh no! I was cooking my lunch! Would it get burnt? Would my house be on fire? What should I do? Should I ring my husband? But, he was in a meeting the whole day, he told me this morning. And my mobile phone was in the house, in my bag. Should I go to my friend who has got the spare key? But my car key was also inside. Should I throw a brick in the window? He would kill me for that! I was starting to feel cold, as I just wore a t-shirt without any jumper, and I was barefooted. My skull was hurting from frustration. Why didn’t I put something like a shoe between the door and the wall, to stop it from closing? I usually do that, but today, I probably was still asleep, totally not there yet. Oh my God, the whole world was playing against me today!

“X marks the spot,” he kept telling me before. I didn’t pay much attention. I should have had. Now this desperate situation. I needed that spare key. Where was it? Why did I do something else while he was showing it to me? I thought he would always be here to get it. Or that it would never happen. Oh God, I promise to be good. And I was positive I could do this. Think, woman, think!

Was it by the gate where the cactuses were? Was it by the front door where the garden tools were? Was it under the blue pine tree? I remembered we kept on changing the place and we took it out last time we were on holiday. That unassuming thing which I didn’t consider before. It was the most precious thing this time. Wait a minute, I remembered where it was. All I need was to pinpoint exactly where it was. OK, right, give me a minute, yes, indeed, I knew it, it was there! I needed some knife to get it, affirmative, I got one from the garden tools. Sure, the flowers on the side, the trellis, I couldn’t reach it…. a little bit more…. found it – my treasure!

For: Monday Motivations by Esther Newton and Whirligig 54 by Magical Mystical Teacher