Bedtime – Swap Quatrain

The Swap Quatrain was created by Lorraine M. Kanter.

Within the Swap Quatrain each stanza in the poem must be a quatrain (four lines) where the first line is reversed in the fourth line. In addition, line 2 must rhyme with line 1, and line 3 must rhyme with line 4 and so on, BUT not repeat the same rhyming pattern on subsequent stanzas.

Rhyming pattern: AABB, CCDD, and so on.


feeling tired, having watched TV
brush my teeth and wear my nightie
turn the laptop off, I’m unwired
having watched TV, feeling tired

sometimes early, sometimes later
he’s asleep, don’t make him stir
my bedtime is time to be free
sometimes later, sometimes early

(c) ladyleemanila 2016