The Emperor’s New Clothes


Once upon a time, there was a selfish emperor who lived in luxury while his people lived in poverty. A man came and told him he’d make him the best robe in the world, and only the pure of heart could see it. Actually, there was nothing but the emperor believed him. The next day the emperor paraded in front of his people – naked. All the people waved and pretended to see what the emperor was wearing. One boy shouted: “he was naked!” The guards took the boy away and put him in prison. How dare he questioned the emperor!


For: January 13: Flash Fiction Challenge


Thur Picture Prompt #38: How’d that get there?


Hiresh and his python always together and they’re so cool
Even though one day Hiresh has been booted out of school
Because other kids complained about the python
They said put it in a cage but it was out on the lawn
That was not fair but they have to follow the school’s rule



This boat didn’t complete the relevant documentation and so it sank
Sometimes you see it, sometimes not, the river is straight and embanked
Will the sailors swim out of the boat and haunt us?
The people carry on and mind their own business
We don’t really know, shoal water is an area made shallow by a sandbank


The ladies are practicing their synchronise swimming
In the lagoon that’s heavily silted and not good for bathing
They went to a dollar store for their caps
They practice their laps until they collapse
Quick, get them out of there before they start bloating


For: Thur Picture Prompt #38