#FWF | The Hardest Goodbye


the hardest goodbye
was to my Dad
on his bed
before my flight
I didn’t cry
I said sorry
things I’ve done
things I haven’t done
he said no need
I was forgiven
I promised him
lots of things
I’d look after everyone
I’d make sure they’re fine
I looked at him one last time
he was the man I dearly love
my idol, my ideal man
the man who pinned my medals
the man who left me notes
the man who cooked
the man with a big heart
his memories in my soul
to dad with love

sometimes I hear him
his gentle voice guiding me
miss him like the rain

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: #FWF | The Hardest Goodbye

Six on the Sixth Prompt – April 2016

Two twin little sister girls whisper in ear
Two twin little sister girls whisper in the ear, outdoor on green park

Plan – “Let’s tickle Dad,” and the girls ran.

Giant – He’s coming down, quick, the ax!

Pills – Forgot to take them, I’m pregnant!

Hang – Hang in there, some help coming!

Peddle – “Taho!” shouts the peddler every morning.

HRH the son
Inch – Inch by inch he grows fast.

For: Six on the Sixth Prompt – April 2016

Family Portrait


Look at this black and white photo
Golden anniversary of our grandparents
We were all there, some not even born
Most of them were not with us anymore
And so with this in mind, my homage

Tatay was my idol, a great reader
Died of Parkinson’s disease, still reading
He put the meanings of the difficult words
Wrote them in pencils at the side of books

Nanay, still beautiful in her old age
Long wavy hair, deaf as a post
Her cooking, shall we say, creative
Mixing things we normally don’t mixed

Tia Carol and Tio Fred, both in heaven
Both doctors, humble as pies
Good storytellers, took life leisurely
Spoke the dialect I cannot understand

Tio Alex, bless his soul, only brother
Worked in Customs, good looking
Tia Ludy, still with us, still elegant
Brought the kids on her own

My Mum, my darling mother
Pregnant with our youngest brother
My Dad, I still miss him, now gone
Memories in our hearts and souls

All siblings and cousins
Now all with own families
We used to play together
Our own family portrait

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: fourth day of NaPoWriMo 2016

Shadow of the Past


As I was preening my garden
I saw a shadow of the past
Was that really you, my Dad?
I couldn’t believe I’d see you
Here, of all places, my garden
Lots of things I’d tell you
But then you probably knew
You were watching over us
Still my rock when I’m sad
Comforting me I’m sure
I remembered your kare-kare
Only you could cook that best
Or the sausages with onions
I just cooked it yesterday
I know you’d approved
And of course, the wedding
HRH the son and his beautiful K
Next month they’ll be wed
Mum, sis, bro, cousins and all
Coming from different places
All coming to celebrate
Looking forward to it
I know you’ll be there, too
In spirit and with your blessing
I still miss you, your calls
Your advice, your cooking
Your generosity, your voice
Wish you were still with us

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – April 3rd 2016


Connection -A Pantoum

The pantoum consists of a series of quatrains rhyming ABAB in which the second and fourth lines of a quatrain recur as the first and third lines in the succeeding quatrain; each quatrain introduces a new second rhyme as BCBC, CDCD. The first line of the series recurs as the last line of the closing quatrain, and third line of the poem recurs as the second line of the closing quatrain, rhyming ZAZA.

The design is simple:

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4

Line 5 (repeat of line 2)
Line 6
Line 7 (repeat of line 4)
Line 8

Continue with as many stanzas as you wish, but the ending stanzathen repeats the second and fourth lines of the previous stanza (as its first and third lines), and also repeats the third line of the first stanza, as its second line, and the first line of the first stanza as its fourth. So the first line of the poem is also the last.

Last stanza:

Line 2 of previous stanza
Line 3 of first stanza
Line 4 of previous stanza
Line 1 of first stanza


It all started with my Dad
Dad’s connected to my Mum
They had us and they were glad
We all grew up then our freedom

Dad’s connected to my Mum
I met Him Indoors and we got wed
We all grew up then our freedom
We started our own thread

I met Him Indoors and we got wed
Seven years later and son arrived
We started our own thread
Son met K and she be wived

Seven years later and son arrived
They had us and they were glad
Son met K and she be wived
It all started with my Dad

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Connection and Connected

My Old Piano

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Fields

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Knots” by Joseph Stroud: trying, shoes, logic, fumbling, stands, anger, trembling, memory, father, knot, tight, untie

I felt a tight knot in my stomach as I came in the house. In the middle of the room stood my old piano. With fumbling fingers I slowly played it, trying not to cry. Memories came plunging in, my friends staying overnight and my mother fussing on us. Or when I couldn’t tie or untie my shoelaces and my father urged me that there was a logic to it. My mother bought me a pair of shoes with Velcro on them. I was angry at first, and with trembling fingers, I was able to tie them. I was proud!


For: Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff and Whirligig 42 by Magical Mystical Teacher


20 Days of Chill: A fading memory (Day 5)



Remembering Jessamine
The day you left us broke our hearts
We remembered your poems, paintings and arts
Each one of us has a different way to mourn
We all love you from the day you were born
Different ways of coping and of remembering
What ties us all is the love for you, our darling
That you were still here singing and dancing
All the things you did were entertaining
That the years never really mattered
We hope your questions were answered
Your memories are still in our hearts
Celebrate in heaven, our sweetheart

With all our love, the family and friends x


remembering Dad
wish he was still here with us
to share memories


we light a candle
gone but not forgotten
your memories live

we won’t ever forget
your smile, your big tummy
your cooking, your love

For: 20 Days of Chill: A fading memory (Day 5)

Paalam Na Po, Ama (Goodbye, Dad)

Paalam na po, Ama
Kahit napaka-aga pa
Kahit di ka pa dapat umalis
Kahit marami pang pagkakataon
Masakit isipin na iniwan mo na kami
Na wala ka na upang ipagdiwang
At ipamahagi aming mga kwento
Na hindi mo na makikita
Ang aming paglaki at mga apo mo
Mga araw-araw na nangyayari
Aming narating, aming mga problema
Aming puso na nabibiyak, aming kaligayahan
Paalam na po, Ama
Lumalhati nawa ang iyong kaluluwa

Goodbye, Dad
Although it was still early when you left us
Even when there should be more opportunities
It hurts to think that you left us
You were not here to celebrate with us
And listened to our stories
That you never saw us growing
and your grandchildren
The everyday things and happenings
What we have achieved, our problems
When our hearts break, our happiness
Farewell, Father
Let your soul rest in peace

For: Writing 101, Day 10: Farewell