When dreams fade away

image copyright neha 2016

I cried in the middle of the garden
not one bird would come and sing a song
all that was left was a bare branch
I felt a chill in my bones
I heard my heart shattered
and the world seemed black
when you left me
fade away
our dreams

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For:  Calling All Creative Minds/Poets to a poetic collaboration – “When Dreams Fade Away” by forgottenmeadows

Mr. Sandman’s Gifts


mimic of a dream
in a state of spin
flash and fade it seems
rim in the park I grin

in a state of spin
flip a coin and kick
insulate I have been
limit of a trick

flash and fade it seems
forgetting all my lines
swimming in stream
taking me to fine dine

rim in the park I grin
promise me the moon
you, the yang to my yin
your kiss make me swoon*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Created by C. G. V. Lewis, the Quadrilew is a form of quatrain poem with an abab rhyming scheme, repeating lines, and contains an alternating syllable structure.

In the first verse, the poet may either start with a five or six syllable line. If the choice is five then the ‘sounding’ syllable count is (and opposite if the count is six):

Line 1, 5 syllables.
Line 2, 6 syllables.
Line 3, 5 syllables.
Line 4, 6 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 2 of the FIRST verse) has 6 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 5 syllables
Line 3 new line of 6 syllables
Line 4 new line of 5 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 3 of the first verse) has 5 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 6 syllables.
Line 3 new line of 5 syllables.
Line 4 new line of 6 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 4 of the first verse) has 6 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 5 syllables.
Line 3 new line of 6 syllables.
Line 4 new line of 5 syllables.


For: Writing Prompt, October 16th, 2016:Gifts from Mr. Sandman, Wordle 270 Oct 16 by Brenda Warren


I Can Fly!


I dream that I am a butterfly
Typography gets me down, but lets me fly
Fluttering, floating, wandering on high
Lifting my head from between my thighs
Like a flaccid flower in a fairy dance
Birds and bees all got up and left at once
Graceful in the supple haze of the breeze
Enjoying the sun and the summer breeze
Dawn is bright and breezy on the dew
This is the mission for which it is due
Like a gem-flower waving in a wand
The clouds and the wind are in a bond
With muffled music a message is sent
As the jasmine blooms with lovely scent
Now I’m waking up and saying goodbye
It was a lovely experience being a butterfly

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


Nightmare – Daily Prompt


How was it possible that she ended up here? She was so careful, followed the rules and took no risks whatsoever.

Pauline was looking forward to her holiday to Istanbul with her friend Janina. They seldom see each other and this holiday was planned for a long time. Janina booked her flight from Manchester and agreed to fly to London first so she could spend some time with Pauline before their flight to Istanbul. While they were packing their bags, Janina suggested they mix their stuff and bags in case some bags were lost or delayed, they’ve got at least some clothes from the other bag. Pauline agreed and packed their stuff.

At Istanbul airport, Pauline was surprised when the Customs asked her to open her suitcase. They checked it and took out Janina’s jewellery box. They asked her a lot of questions and she said it wasn’t hers, it’s her friend’s. They found some drugs hidden in it. By that time, Janina was nowhere to be found. And Pauline was arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. How could she ended up in Istanbul prison? What kind of a friend was Janina? How could she ever get out of this nightmare?

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For: Nightmare

Believe in Dreams


I never believe in dreams
They were just for kids, it seems
Like one of their childish games
But you came and I’m in flames
I’m still smiling with that beam

When I sleep, I dream of you
In the blue sky and you flew
Searching and calling my name
– Believe in dreams

Now I believe in daydreams
Hoping you are my mainstream
And my heart you have inflamed
Dream to be with you I claim
With preference, my eyes gleam
– Believe in dreams

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* Rondeau

For: Poetry challenge #39: Sleep walking

As You Float Away


I see you as you drift
In the light of the mist
If only the sea talks

The secret behind this
So I can be a part
I see you as you drift

I want to share with you
To be part of your world
In the light of the mist

And as you float away
Birds sing, trees sway, lake glides
If only the sea talks

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Photo Challenge #113


Sailing Through Time

– Tomasz

Berto always wanted to sail
He was used to howling gale
In the emptiness of open water
Months and months where they were
Like a photo in a panel, so ideal
Repairing and putting lacquer in the hull
Where medusa and fishes freely swim
But sometimes their lives were pretty grim
An atmosphere impregnated with tension
Sometimes being reviled on what they’ve done
A dream to give a good future for the family
Chrysalism on storms, he needs to be free
For his children and the next generation
A guiding light like a bright beacon
Sometimes he feels sorry he left them
But he doesn’t want to be condemn
Not seeing how his children grow
He’s used to the way the water flow
Not being with the love of his life
He’d give everything to his wife

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* this poem is dedicated to my brother and all seamen out there


For: Photo Challenge #107 and Wordle #10 “April 4th, 2016”

20 Days of Chill: Dreaming (Day 12)



To sleep, perchance to dream
Horses gallop across moonbeam
To dream, ah, that is so divine
Sailing across the river Rhine
Where all her thoughts meshed
And waking up feeling refreshed
Playing on each other in different fields
It’s as rough as a public park, the outfield
Wrestling with ideas, concepts, activities
Bees’ knees, cheese please, flees freeze
She dreams that she was a butterfly, flickering
Blooming, blushing, breezing, breaming
Flapping wings smartly, enjoying its nectar
Taking its time, fluttering with pleasure
A girl in a dream one morning in paradise
She can soar up high as the sun will rise
And she floats and brings out a slow yawn
Though she fears never shall she see dawn?


Recurrent dream
Castle in the air
Vision of loveliness
State of unreality

image by Valentina Kallias ~ “Apocalypse Horseman Pestilence”
image by Valentina Kallias ~ “Apocalypse Horseman Pestilence”

The lady in my dreams, she looks so mysterious
With just one eye not covered, she looks anxious
Such great sorrow and despair I see from her eye
As if she spends most of her time with her cries
Her body exhausted after the expulsion of energy
I can tell she’s making a dramatic plea
The problems she’s carrying too heavy to bear
I would like to care for her, I promise and swear
Her wrists and hands all tied up with black cord
I wish for her not to be hated or abhorred
And then the knight with shining armour came
Who has done great deeds as the public acclaim
He greeted her as he swaggered along the corridor
He’s probably the miracle she was waiting for
To give her happiness and love in this world
They fell in love and together they twirled

For: 20 Days of Chill: Dreaming (Day 12)